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Kindness Quotes

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness to Be Double Your Happiness

Kindness is a powerful force that has the ability to transform not only the lives of others but also our own. These inspirational quotes about kindness serve as a reminder to always choose compassion and empathy in our interactions with others. By spreading kindness, we not only bring joy and happiness to those around us but also experience a profound sense of fulfillment and happiness within ourselves. So let us make it a goal to double our happiness by practicing kindness every day. Top 55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness to Be Double Your Happiness That Will Inspire You. If You are a kind soul and have everything to provide good.

Be Positive on life happiness and kindness “Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.”

“Kindness has a beautiful way of reaching down into a weary heart and making it shine like the rising sun.” phot credits Pinterest

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness To Be Double Your Happiness 1

Inspirational Quotes About Kindness

1. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. — Mark Twain

2. To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes perfect virtue; these five are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. — Confucius Inspirational Quotes About Kindness

3. great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men. Thomas Carlyle

4. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. — Mahatma Gandhi

5. I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in the kindness of human beings. I am so absorbed in the wonder of earth and the life upon it that I cannot think of heaven and angels. — Pearl S. Buck

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness To Be Double Your Happiness 2

6. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness. — Dalai Lama

7. The first thing a kindness deserves is acceptance, the second, transmission. — George MacDonald

8. Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations. — Paramahansa Yogananda Inspirational Quotes About Kindness

9. Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. — Mother Teresa

10. Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. — Saint Francis de Sales

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness To Be Double Your Happiness 3

Kindness Quotes

11. How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it! George Elliston

12. kindness quotes never look down on anybody unless you re helping them up. — jesse jackson

13. kindness quotes what wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness. — jean jacques rousseau

14. Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. — Lao Tzu

15. Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. — Lucius Annaeus Seneca

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness To Be Double Your Happiness 4

16. Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can. — John Wesley

17. Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up. — Jesse Jackson

18. So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind, while just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs. — Ella Wheeler Wilcox

19. The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth. — Albert Einstein

20. I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed. — Mary Oliver

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness To Be Double Your Happiness 5

21. Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely. Roy T. Bennett

22. Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. — Dennis Prager Inspirational Quotes About Kindness

23. Simple kindness may be the most vital key to the riddle of how human beings can live with each other in peace, and care properly for this planet we all share. — Bo Lozoff

24. The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines. — Charles Kuralt short quotes about life kindness

25. Concentrate on what you have to do. Fix your eyes on it. Remind yourself that your task is to be a good human being; remind yourself what nature demands of people. Then do it, without hesitation, and speak the truth as you see it. But with kindness. With humility. Without hypocrisy. — Marcus Aurelius

55 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness To Be Double Your Happiness 6

26. Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing. — Rumi

27. Compassion is the signature of Higher Consciousness. Non-violence is the tool to evolve into the Higher Consciousness. — Amit Ray

28. I admire the fact that the central core of Buddhist teaching involves mindfulness and loving kindness and compassion. — Ron Reagan

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