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160 Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Sayings with Images

Belated happy birthday wishes, messages, and sayings with images. Wishing someone late, especially on his/her birthdays, is a crime that can put a scratch on for the time being. Only a heartfelt apology and sweet birthday wish can compensate for it. We hope our rich collection of late birthday wishes can melt the birthday soul’s heart and fill it with forgiveness for you. You can surely use it on photo captions, cards, apology letters, email, messenger, gift, and flower notes. Surely these wishes will bring hearts closer and make someone smile even after their best birthday has gone. Better being sorry for the late wisher than using such lovely words to wish your heart out. Make the birthday last longer with our wishes and apology sweeter. See more ideas quotes about birthdays, birthday wishes, birthdays.

Belated Birthday Wishes

#1. Happy belated birthday my love. May all your wishes come true!

#2. Wishing a happy birthday on time is just too mainstream. So, I decided to be a little late. I hope you had a great birthday!

#3. From now on, I promise that the older you get, the better I will be at remembering birthdays. I think that’s fair. Have a great belated birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Messages and Sayings with Images

#4. One of the telltale signs of age is forgetting things. Wait, why was I writing this? Oh yeah! Happy belated birthday.

#5. The fact that I’m late doesn’t mean I love you any less. Accept my apology, so we can move on like the grownups we are. Happy belated birthday, King. I hope you had fun.

#6. Happy belated birthday to a beautiful human being who connects to my soul and makes me feel alive! I’m sorry I missed your special day, and I hope we have many opportunities to make up for it during this year.

#7. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you wish a birthday first, last, or late, as long as you greet the person by heart, nothing else matters. I wish a jovial belated birthday to the love of my life.

#8. In this beautiful and humongous world, you are the only person in front of whom I can be only me. I hope this little and unintentional glitch of mine won’t hamper the love and the quality of our relationship. Happy belated birthday to my life!

#9. As I get older, it gets harder to remember important dates. Now that you are a year older, maybe you can understand. I bet you had fun without me? Happy belated birthday, and best wishes for a joyous day ahead.

#10. These first messages are more heartfelt belated birthday greetings, where you apologize for your lateness and wish them all the best!

#11. Holy Cow, I forgot your birthday! Happy belated birthday. I am utterly ashamed of myself.

#12. Apologies for my time perception disorder. Happy belated birthday!

#13. You need to look older than last year before you expect me to wish you a happy birthday. How else am I supposed to know it’s your birthday?

Late Birthday Wishes

#14. I am so sorry I missed wishing you a Birthday. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest. Happy Belated Birthday.

#15. Even though this greeting has come to you a bit late, but it is full of love, positivity, and good wishes. Belated happy birthday!

#16. Belated Happy Birthday. I am so sorry that I forgot. Best wishes for the coming year.

#17. Hope you had a really good time. I can’t believe I forgot about this special occasion. Happy birthday!

#18. I didn’t forget your birthday; it’s just that you deserve to celebrate your special; day more than once. Happy Belated Birthday!

#19. I hope you had a hilarious birthday with your friends and family. All the best for the coming year!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

#21. I am late in saying Happy Birthday to you and maybe even the last to say it this year. So is it true that you should save the best for last?

#22. Even though this greeting comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy late Birthday

#23. Knowing how much fun you can be, I assume that the party is still going and that I am not late for your birthday. Keep on having fun.

#24. I would like to wish you all the happiness in life on this special occasion. I know it’s a bit late, but my best friend understands. A very happy belated birthday to my dear friend!

happy belated birthday wishes

#25. I feel really sad to have forgotten your birthday. But I want you to know you’re always the most special person to me and will be. Happy belated birthday, dude!

#26. Hey friend, I am very late in saying happy birthday to you, and maybe even the last time today is this year. So you should save the best for last. Happy belated birthday! Stay happy! ”

#27. Even though I spaced out and forgot to communicate my best birthday wishes on time, I hope that your birthday was out of this world.

#28. May God fill your life with joys unlimited & may all your dreams come true as soon as possible. Wishing you a belated birthday my friend!

#29. Dear friend, I wanted your celebrations to last more than a day. That is why I decided to send my birthday wishes a little later than all the rest.

#30. What are you waiting for? Sending belated birthday wishes is still better than sending none. Go ahead and choose one to send to a friend today!

#31. True friends will always make up for their mistakes. So where do you want to have your compensation? Happy belated buddy.

#32. I don’t have the right words to say sorry because I missed sending birthday wishes to my best friend. Sorry for missing your birthday, and best belated birthday wishes!

#33. You’re such a good friend with lots of wonderful gifts – lucky for me, one of them is forgiveness! I’m sorry I missed your big day.

#34. Yep, I forgot your birthday, but I could never forget a friend as great as you.

#35. Did you forget your girlfriend/boyfriend’s birthday? You should make it up by doing a lot more than writing a funny greeting for him/her or sending these sweet belated happy birthday wishes.

#36. HBD to someone who is forever young and forever understanding of their forgetful friends.

#37. Beauty is a quality seldom seen, except when you’re in the room. Happy belated birthday, my friend.

#38. No, I did not forget your birthday. Of course not. I wouldn’t do that. I deliberately delayed sending you my wishes. I’m always saving the last for the best. Belated happy birthday, friend.

#39. It is hard to believe that you are getting older. That is why I am late in wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Her

#41. I know it was hard for you to blow all the candles at once. But hey, that’s why I’m sending you late wishes so you can have the time to catch your breath. Happy belated birthday!

#42. To me, every single day is just as special as your birthday. You are equally important to me every day of the year. Happy birthday my dear!

#43. There is a reason why families are the most important ties; time doesn’t matter; feelings do. Even though I am late, you know you are always in my heart. Belated happy birthday to you, dear.

happy belated birthday messages

#44. My wishes might not have reached you on time, but families do not require punctuality. I have always wished the best for you, now and forever. Belated happy birthday, my dear.

#45. I have seen you since you came into this world and have seen you grow into a wonderful human being. Even though I am late, you have always been in my thoughts and heart. Belated happy birthday, dear.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Him

#47. Believe me when I say I did not forget your birthday. It is my bad luck that I could not wish you on time. Happy belated birthday my handsome man. I love you to the moon and back.

#48. One of the reasons I fall in love with you is because of your big heart. Hope you can find forgiveness for me there. Sorry for not wishing you on time. Happy belated birthday sweetheart.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

#50. Looking for more birthday quotes for your brother? Take a look at our birthday wishes for brothers page.

#51. I may have forgotten your birth date this time, but I have not forgotten your age. You’re all grown up, little brother. Happy belated birthday to you!

#52. Sorry, I forgot about your birthday. But at your age, I don’t suppose it matters? Happy belated birthday, old bro!

#53. As long as I’m here to save your back from dad, I don’t think being late on wishing you will ever be an issue. Happy belated birthday!

belated happy birthday wishes

#54. Belated happy birthday to my big brother. I wish I could attend your birthday, but work was so hectic. I hope you had a wonderful day.

#55. This is the first time I missed your birthday but I can promise you this is also the last. Happy birthday to the most amazing brother in this world. Wish you all the best!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

#57. I am sure that you didn’t expect a birthday greeting from me to arrive on time and you know how I hate to disappoint you!

#58. If someone forgets your birthday, take it as a compliment. You must not have aged enough for them to have noticed. Happy belated birthday, sister!

#59. Having a brother like you is a blessing. But forgetting your birthday is a crime. I am extremely sorry, brother or sister. Happy belated birthday to you! ”

#60. I’m not that late in wishing you a happy birthday, it’s just that I didn’t want to be the first one to remind you that you’re getting older. Happy Birthday, sister!

#61. Because you adore fashion, I’d like to wish you a belated happy birthday, fashionably sister. I wish you had seized the day!

#62. If you had delayed a day or two before you were born, this could have been your first birthday message. Happy Birthday, Sister!

#63. Hi, a partner in crime. I know my biggest crime is not wishing you on your birthday, but I hope my gift will compensate for it better with my heartfelt apology. Happy belated birthday sissy.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Colleague/Boss

#65. I am so sorry I forgot to wish you your birthday. Never think that you are not in my thoughts for all this time. I am lucky to have you as my co-worker. Happy belated birthday dear.

#66. I thought you were celebrating wild and party hard, that is why I did not wish you earlier. Happy belated birthday my dear colleague. I wish you all the best wishes.

#67. Dear boss, I wish you a happy, healthy, and successful life. Happy belated birthday to the very special boss and my role model! ”

belated birthday wishes for sister

#68. You act less like a boss and more like a compassionate teacher who cares about every student. Thank you for inspiring us, and happy belated birthday, boss!

#69. Wishing a happy belated birthday to a wonderful boss. May you always have the strength and determination to accomplish your goals in life.

Romantic Late Birthday Wishes

#71. With you, my life is a fantasy. I feel like I’m living in a world of dreams. And while I was dreaming, I barely noticed that it was your birthday the other day! Forgive me, dear. Happy belated birthday to you!

#72. I will not show any excuse for why I missed the birthday of the most important person in my life. Sorry for forgetting your birthday. You are and always will be my special one. Happy belated birthday!

#73. I intentionally sent my birthday wish this late, just to prove how you are always special to people like me… but not on selected days of the year as some people think.

#74., Unlike all the other years, I have missed your birthday, but I’ve made up for it by getting you the cutest birthday card ever. Belated birthday wishes and a prosperous year ahead.

#75. Missing your birthday celebration and not sending birthday wishes still sting hard on my heart. I am your life partner, yet I missed the most alluring day of your life. Please forgive me, princess, and accept my heartfelt birthday greetings!

#76. Sorry that this card is a little bit late. I remembered your birthday, just not the date!

#77. I am sorry for not being there on your special day, but you are always in my thoughts. I wish you a belated happy birthday and hope you prosper forever.

#78. To one of the best people I have met in my life and someone who has been my favorite in the family, a very happy birthday (even though it is belated). I wish you all the happiness in the world, and then some more.

Funny Belated Birthday Messages

#80. I didn’t miss your birthday. I am just fashionably late as always.

#81. It was just a date that I forgot. But I want you to know that you are always on my mind. Happy belated birthday!

#82. Wishing you late is completely intentional. I want you to know that I’m exceptional at everything that I do. Happy belated birthday!

belated birthday wishes for him

#83. If your birthday were anything more important to me than eating delicious cakes, I would have wished you just at the right time. Anyway, Happy belated birthday my friend!

#84. I am wishing you a late birthday because I believe this will make you feel younger. I do care for you so much. Happy birthday!

#85. I like to wish people a Happy Birthday at least 11 months in advance, so my greeting from last year was meant to cover this birthday. Anyway, Happy Birthday again.

#86. I could have sent you a birthday greeting on your birthday, and I could have started Google, but I didn’t. You are happy with Google, so why not be happy with me being a little tardy in saying Happy Birthday!

Short Belated Birthday Greetings

#88. How time flies like a rocket nowadays. I could hardly remember that your birthday was passing by. Well, I am wishing you a belated happy birthday full of love and positive vibes.”

#89. Sorry that I missed your birthday. How weird is that? That only happens to me like once per year. Happy birthday to you.

#90. I hope you had a great birthday. I missed eating your cake on your birthday, so I plan to eat at least two desserts today to make up for it.

#91. I have a funny feeling something important just happened, and I missed it. Was it your birthday? I hope it was a good one and that you have a great year to come.

#92. Wishing a happy birthday on time is just too mainstream. So, I decided to be a little late. I hope you had a great birthday!

#93. I don’t know if it was some kind of special sales day or a promo day, but the queue was so long I spent almost the whole day shopping for the perfect gift. Belated birthday wishes to you.

#94. As I missed your birthday, I used Google to find some late birthday wishes to send you. But the best one came from my mind and I want to say, “Hope you enjoyed a lot on your birthday.”

#95. Despite being late, at least I know I have the prettiest card and birthday message. I pray you will be persistent in everything you set your mind to do. Belated happy birthday.

#96. I didn’t forget your birthday, but I wanted to annoy you by sending my wishes late. I am not sorry for that. Happy birthday, albeit belatedly.

#97. Hey, young man. How am I supposed to believe you are a year older when you always look the same to me? Well, if you insist you are a year older, belated happy birthday.

#98. I got back home very tired and stressed out. It made me forget to come around with the gifts and wish you a happy birthday. I’m sorry, happy birthday.

#99. I am so sorry that I forgot about your birthday. I hope that you had a good time anyway and that you have a wonderful year to come. Happy Birthday.

#100. Through this late birthday wish, I want to let you know how regretful I am and how special you are to me. I hope you had a great time on your birthday!

#101. I know how terrible it feels when the person from whom you expect the most doesn’t wish you a happy birthday. I am sorry that I missed your birthday. Sending your belated happy birthday wishes with all the love of the world.

#102. I forget to wish you a happy birthday, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. Sending my love the best late birthday wishes and blessings!

#103. Instead of being later, this birthday wish is filled with love and warmth, sincerity, and love. May this year bring you both professional and personal success!

#104. I’m so glad you are a woman of faith. Keeping the faith that my card would come served you well! Happy Belated Birthday!

#105. 20 years old, no longer a teenager! Life goes fast, that’s for sure. Be sure and take it all in and learn valuable lessons along the way. Time is the best teacher we have. Happy Belated Birthday!

#106. The Roses are red. Violets are blue. There is no one better than you. Happy Belated Birthday!

#107. The Roses are red. Violets are blue. I hope this card lets you know my wishes are true. Happy Belated Birthday!

#108. A belated happy birthday to you. May all the good things that life has to offer always find their way to your doorstep.

Happy Belated Birthday Quotes

#110. Thanks for being an inspirational leader and mentor. May the years ahead of you bring you immense growth, success, and joy. Have a wonderful belated birthday.

#111. A belated birthday wish that your life will continue to be an inspiration for others. Happy belated birthday.

#112. They say better late than never, so here is a belated birthday wish to you. May your life be blessed with abundant happiness.

#113. Holy Cow, I forgot your birthday! I am utterly ashamed of myself. Happy belated birthday.

#114. I wanted to be fashionably late, but now I’m just late! Sorry, and happy belated birthday.

#115. Happy belated birthday to a wise soul among us. I am happy to know you, and I am sorry I missed your birthday. In the year ahead, I wish you guidance, good health, and peace.

#116. Happy belated birthday to the fitness fanatic in our lives! I am in awe of all you are achieving! All the best with your wonderful goals this year. You are a great example to us all.

#117. Happy belated birthday. Please don’t think for a minute that I could ever forget you! My timing with this card has just been bad, but you are incredibly unforgettable. I wish you a super happy year ahead.

#118. Happy belated birthday!Happy Birthday. I do not know how I missed your birthday, but I hope it was a good one and that you enjoyed your special day—best wishes for the coming year.

#119. Happy belated birthday. It has been a remarkable year, and I know that you have achieved great things. This is your time to shine! Here’s to another year of creating success!

#120. Happy belated birthday. Thinking of you, and sorry that my wishes arrived late. I know that some days are rainy and some days are sunshiny, but remember that the trees appreciate both. Be rooted in yourself because you are remarkable and strong.

#121. Happy belated birthday. I know that life has thrown you a few curve balls lately, but I’ve heard how well you’ve handled them, so be proud of yourself. I wish you the very best for the coming year.

#122. I am sorry that I missed your birthday celebrations, and I hope it was every bit as special as you are! I hope that you are proud of all you achieved over the last year. I wish you continued confidence in all that you are and in all that you do. Happy belated birthday.

#123. Happy belated birthday and I’m sorry I’m late. If I could, I would make all your dreams come true, but I think maybe that can only be done by you. Go for it, you can do it!

#124. Happy belated birthday wishes from one of your fans. I’m sorry I’m late, but I wish you all the best for a meaningful and happy year ahead.

#125. Happy belated birthday to a really special person in my life. I have not made it on time, but know that you are always in my heart. I hope your year ahead will be abundantly blessed.

#126. You know how much I love to celebrate your birthday, but I got so entangled in work that I even lost sense of time, let alone your birthday. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you a frisky belated birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday Images

#128. The most important person at the party always comes at last. So, wholeheartedly accept the late birthday wishes of the most crucial person.

#129. Late birthday wishes are always the most valuable ones. You could get a great price for them in the market. Stay happy, stay cool, and I’m sorry I missed your birthday.

#130. May you drink all year, find the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met, and quickly forget that I’m wishing you a late happy birthday.

#131. Oh boy! I missed your birthday again. I know you must be praying to God to put me in hell. Spit and accept the most beautiful belated happy birthday wishes of all time.

#132. Technically, the latter phrase “belated happy birthday” is more grammatically correct, because it is your wishes that are late, not the birthday. (References: Grammarly and Prof. Paul Brians.)

#133. Since I couldn’t be the first, I chose to be the last. Because I always want to stay away from the crowd. Now smile at me and keep it permanently on your face. Happy birthday, baby.

#134. I missed your birthday…Can you forgive me?

#135. I am late, but imagine if I forgot! Okay, do not imagine that. What you can do instead, is give me a smile and a hug. Belated happy birthday, honey.

#136. Life often does not give us chances to remember the important days. But even if I get late, your special day is something I can never miss. Belated happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

#137. You and I are in a relationship that will last a lifetime (and hopefully beyond). So, even if I am late for your special day, all I ever hope for is to make your every day equally special. Happy birthday, my loving wife.

#138. I know you think this card is a few days late. It’s worse than that. This is your card that I have only just gotten around to sending.

#139. I don’t always say Happy Birthday, but when I do… it’s always a day late.

#140. Now that everyone else’s birthday wishes have worn off, here’s a great big one from me!

#141. Happy Belated Birthday! What do you mean, Gnomesayin?

#142. I know birthday wishes are extra special, but so is getting mail and cards on any day. So I’m sending you some extra special late birthday wishes your way to be enjoyed on this non-birthday day!

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