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38 Birthday Wishes for Cat – Happy Birthday Kitty

Birthday Wishes for Cat Happy Birthday Kitty

Birthday Wishes for Cat: Pick out wonderful wishes every year to celebrate your cat’s birthday with the best messages and cards. These happy birthday wishes for your cat will help you express what they mean to you, and make you both feel special.

1. “Today is the day you graced this earth and our lives with your presence. May you continue to have beautiful fur that shines brighter than all the stars in the universe. Happy birthday.”

2. “You are the best gift to have walked into my life. I thank God for giving me the greatest cat. Have a super birthday.”

3. “I can’t imagine what would have happened to my friend if you were not part of his/her life. I can’t thank you enough for bringing light that is beyond that of a million suns into his/her life. Happy birthday.”

4. “As today is your birthday, I will listen to your demands and won’t complain about you. You can boss me around how you want. Happy Birthday, young Master.”

5. “Here’s the birthday card I made for our little friend and your master. I am grateful to him/her for listening to all your whinings and naggings. Happy birthday to your boss at home.”

6. “I don’t care about myths that say that black cats bring bad luck. All I know is that you bring happiness to my life. Happy birthday cutie.”

7. “I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You are the cutest cat in the world. Have a fabulous birthday.”

Birthday Wishes For Cat Lovers

8. “Happy Birthday! Today is your birthday- the day you are allowed to scratch people, break vases and do whatever you like (which you do anyway).”

9. “I used to be someone who wasn’t mature enough to even take care of himself. Then you came and taught me how to take care of someone else. For this and everything else, thank you. Happy birthday, pal.”

10. “I’m going to make all your cat’s dreams come true on its birthday today. Meaning I am going to bring it all the meat and milk it can eat and drink.”

11. “On this beautiful day of yours, I promise to make you the happiest cat in the world because you bring so much joy into my life. Happy birthday.”

12. “You are the source of my joy and cure for my stress. Even when you break my things and scratch me, I instantly forget those after looking at your cute innocent eyes. Happy birthday my cutest little buddy.”

13. “Spending time with you brings so much happiness and sunshine into my life. Have a birthday that is as fabulous as your priceless “meows”.”

14. “Wish you the best on your birth anniversary. I have bought a scratch post just for you. So you can scratch it to your heart’s content.”

15. “You have occupied my heart, which I liked. But you have also occupied my bed, for which I didn’t have a choice. Happy birthday.”

16. “There is not a single person in the whole world who can make me break into a smile even in the middle of tears, except you. Happy birthday to my cute cat.”

17. “Happy birthday to the most adorable cat who becomes a year older today! The joy he/she brings into our life, hope he/she gets more than that.”

18. “Of all the billions of people in the world, I was the luckiest to be blessed with you. You bring so much happiness into my life, and that is a feeling I can never trade for all the wealth in the world. Happy birthday.”

Happy Birthday Wishes for Cat and Images

19. “A cool birthday to my cat! I had always seen myself as a lazy person until you came into my life. I did not know I could love and care for something as much as I care for you. Thank you for revealing this part of myself to me. Stay happy.”

20. “Hey cat, I want you to know that you are my idol on your birthday. I wish I could sleep, eat, roam about, and be loved whenever I wished without having to be nice to anyone. Happy birthday.”

21. “Happy birthday to my best furry friend in the world. I love you for making the hard days of my life bearable.”

22. “It used to be so lonely without you around. Your presence in my life has made so much of a difference. You are a cat that brings so much happiness and you deserve the best on your birthday. Enjoy!”

23. “You were the cutest kitten when I first met you, and now you are the most awesome cat. Here is a wonderful birthday and much more to come, where you might hopefully evolve into a tiger or something.”

24. “You have been a constant companion to me; someone to brighten up my days and bring a smile on face. Wish this bond continues forever. Wishing you a happy birthday, lovely friend.”

25. “After having a long day, your cuddles and warm head rubs boost my energy and brighten me up. Have a wonderful birthday, my cute little furball.”

26. “Even though you tear my cushions and rip apart my books – I have no choice but to love you because of your cute looks. Happy birthday kitty.”

27. “Happy Birthday, you cute thing!”

28. “Wishing you all the joy, love, and treats in the world on your special day. Happy birthday my little kitty.”

29. “See, I got you a big fish. Your servant serves you dearly, master. Happy Birthday.”

30. “My best friend is extremely photogenic, graceful, stylish, independent and self-centered. She is not a supermodel; she is my loving cat. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

31. “I want to say how much joy you bring into our lives on your special day. You’re such a special little furball, and we love you. Happy Birthday”

32. “Though we don’t speak the same language, I know you’re telling me you love me whenever you meow. Happy birthday.”

33. “On this special birthday, we honor a cat that has more demands than any creature I have ever met. We love it greatly.”

34. “I think you secretly know how cute you really are, and you take advantage of your cuteness all the time. Happy birthday cute kitty.”

35. “We wish you a happy birthday, kitty! You are a special part of our lives, and we love you so much. We hope that your birthday is as delightful as you are!”

36. “I pray our dear cat gets the happiness in life it deserves. This is only fair because it has brought us happiness. A treat-filled birthday to it.”

37. “Today is a special day for your cat, our special friend. I couldn’t let the day pass by without saying a big happy birthday to it. I wish it many more years here on earth with us.”

38. “My life has been full of sunny days ever since you came into my life. Happy birthday.”

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