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208 Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter & Son – Heart Touching Happy Birthday Dad

Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter & Son: Do you need inspiration and a birthday message for your father that will move his heart on his birthday? Is it important to you to show your dad how much you care about him and make him feel good about himself by doing great things? A father is the head of any family, and he is also the most important support system, bread-and-butter provider, guide, protector, and guide.

In his heart, a father always believes in giving freely to everyone. He never asks for a thank you in return. To surprise such a selfless person on his birthday, you don’t need to send him normal birthday wishes. You need more than that. Birthday wishes from your daughter and son, inspirational happy birthday dad quotes, and funny happy birthday dad messages are all here. You can use them to show how much you love and appreciate all the sacrifices, love, and hard work he does without expecting anything in return.

  • I love you, Dad—even if I never accept your friend request.
  • Happy Father’s Day! You did great—I turned out perfect!

  • Happy Father’s Day to the man who wore my extra tiara at my tea parties and still treats me like a princess.
  • It doesn’t matter how many years go by. In my mind, you’ll always be that same amazing person who taught me how to ride a bike, helped me with my homework, and scared away the monsters in my room. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

  • I know I never tell you this often, but I love you, Dad.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Father

#1. May this birthday bring immeasurable joy and bundles of alluring opportunities in your life. You are a thorough gentleman and the champion of life. Happy birthday daddy and thank you for showering unconditional love and affection on us.

#2. Wishing happy birthday to the man who is destined to influence humanity and leave it better than ever. God bless you, daddy! May you have all the laurels on your shelves. Happy birthday dad!

#3. Happy birthday lovely daddy! I know I am not big enough to hang out with you and chill. But I am not small enough to cheer some fine wine with you on your birthday. Let’s show the world how the best father-son parties. Happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday Poems For Dad And Happy Birthday Dad Status

#4. Happy birthday to my forever awesome dad! Everyone sees the sacrifices of a mother but no one sees the unconditional support, dedication, and determination of a father. Dad, I promise to never let down your name. Happy birthday father!

#5. Happy birthday, to my wonderful dad! It is not at all easy to be the best dad, a great friend, a compassionate teacher, and a visionary mentor at the same time. You have played all the parts quite excellently that no one else can do. Have a sizzling awesome party!

#6. Happy birthday my super awesome daddy! Daddy, you are the one who has given me the perfect formula for a happy life. A cute god, a submissive girlfriend, and loads of money.

#7. Wishing you a mirthful birthday father! May you never have to face terrible problems, may your health always remain in the top of line condition, and may you always protect your family from unwanted situations.

#8. Happy birthday to the greatest man in the world! There is no gift big enough and exorbitant in this world that can match the class and grandness of your birthday party. You have inspired a million lives and may god endows you with enough strength to change a million more.

#9. Life is unpredictable and can jolt anyone at any time. But my faith and confidence in you will never waver. Wishing you a scintillating happy birthday father. May you rock the dance floor like a teenager!

#10. The collective knowledge and wisdom you have imparted to me is the best-inherited wealth I could get from you. Thanks a lot, my legendary daddy. Happy birthday to you!

#11. Wishing a cheerful birthday to my cutie pie father! Hey daddy, it’s your special day and mom is allowing you to party all night. Aren’t you feeling blessed already?

#12. Happy birthday my lovely daddy! Hey dad, on your special day, I want you to dance and booze with me till we wobble. Have a fantastic and regal birthday celebration.

#13. Wishing happy birthday to my great father! Your one thought has made a towering difference in my life than the lessons given by the rest of the teachers. You are a man of practicality and reality.

#14. Happiest birthday to the man who does whatever it takes to keep his family cheerful and satisfied. It’s your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some goddamn good bear!

#15. Since the day I gained my consciousness, you are the only person I have to look up to as an ideal and the mentor. Not only you are a great beer buddy but also a classic adventurer. I love you father and happy birthday!

#16. Happy birthday to the most handsome father! When it comes to ranking the coolest dads, you always top the list and that’s no surprise to me. Thanks for giving me good looks and awesome life.

#17. Happy birthday to my amazing father! Happy birthday to the man who is single-handedly responsible for so many enchanting memories and great moments in my life.

#18. Happy birthday my real-life superhero! Thanks a ton, dad for maintaining the frisky and rocking environment in the family all the time. You are the kind of father every kid dreams to have for a lifetime.

#19. Happy birthday, to my father! Dear father, no matter how terrible things go for me, you are always there to turn things in my favor. With you by my side, I can snatch victory all the time.

#20. I have nothing but the utmost respect, affection, and admiration in my heart for you. One day I would like to be a man of profound character, honesty, and high morals like you. Have a magnificent birthday celebration daddy!

#21. The whole life will fall short to talk about your glories and loving you. You are the man of hope, positivity, and a go-getter attitude. May life always be kind to you. Happy birthday, father!

#22. Happy birthday my mentor, my loving father! Today I am feeling so honored and humbled to celebrate the 50th birthday of my sagacious father. There is no dad supportive, caring, and kinder than you.

#23. Happy birthday, father! The older I am getting, the more I am realizing how bothersome it is to become a father. In my eyes, you are already the greatest father. I appreciate even your smallest efforts.

#24. Hey father, I may not be the finest kid you have asked but I will prove to you that I am the right person to carry forward the legacy of this legendary family. Accept my heartfelt birthday wishes father!

#25. The greatest thing you have ever done for the family is giving birth to me. Everyone lauds your creation. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my lovely daddy!

#26. Happy birthday my lovely daddy! I know words, gifts, and surprises are not enough to make your birthday stands apart from the pack. I just want to tell you that I am outrageously grateful for all the sacrifices you have made to make our future.

#27. Happy birthday, father! I haven’t got enough opportunities to tell you that you are the classiest and the most humble man I have ever seen. You have led me to the right path and in the direction of positivity till yet. May you continue to do so. I am utterly blessed to have a father like you.

#28. When I look at your awe-struck achievements, I thought would I be able to become even half good as you? I am super lucky to have a father like you. Happy birthday, father! May you have a prosperous year ahead!

#29. You have worked hard to make our ordinary family the most renowned family in the town. On your special day, I take the pledge to carry forward your legacy with the utmost legacy. Thanks for making all of us proud. Happy birthday, dad!

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Dad

#31. Through your challenges and daunting tasks, you have prepared me for all the hardships and unwanted threats. I will forever be grateful to you. Wishing a jovial birthday to my dazzling father!

#32. I know you have all the trophies and laurels you coveted on your shelves, still, your eyes always look for me and want to shower love on me. God bless you father and happy birthday!

#33. Dad, may you celebrate 1000 more birthdays so that I can get parties enough to die peacefully. May you hustle and earn colossal! Happy birthday, daddy!

Best Birthday Wishes for Father and Birthday Messages for Dad

#34. You have played a major role in making me a strong, independent, and responsible girl. All my dreams are accomplished because of your push and unconditional support. I love you father and want to put all the happiness of the world on your feet. Happy birthday, dad!

#35. Happy birthday to the man of high morals, integrity, and unmatched work ethics. Your unwavering faith in your abilities makes it easy for you to achieve anything. Happy birthday, father!

#36. Happy birthday dear father! The charisma in your personality is something you have carved over the years. You know everything about me and constantly strive to make me happy. You are my world’s favorite and dearest person.

#37. Cheers to fatherhood and happy birthday father! Life wouldn’t be happening, intriguing, and blissful if you weren’t my father. Mark my words, I will make you super proud pretty son.

#38. Happy birthday my dear father! I don’t even have the right words to wish you a happy birthday because of your gargantuan stature and colossal reputation. You are the wisest and the most prudent man I have ever seen.

#39. You are a man with a golden and magnanimous heart. You take care of everyone’s needs and wants but barely express what you expect. I have never seen a man as selfless and serene as you are. Wishing a jovial birthday to the best father in the world!

#40. You are perhaps the only person I have seen who doesn’t hesitate a bit in sharing his hard-earned knowledge and wisdom with everyone. That’s why you are so successful in everything and respected everywhere!

#41. Thanks a lot father for constantly polishing my skills and character. I will never disappoint you in life. Let’s celebrate your big day with utmost zestfulness. Many happy returns of the day daddy!

#42. Happy birthday my awesome father! Even the best dad award of the year pales in front of your amazing personality and gargantuan achievements. You are a par excellent man with an intriguing perception.

#43. Happy birthday to the sweetest dad! Who wouldn’t feel lucky and blessed to have a father like you who can understand what his child wants without us uttering a single word? You are the sunshine in our ordinary world.

#44. Happy birthday to the most wonderful father! You were there when I was born, you were there when I take my first step, you were there when I graduated, and you are still here with me when I am becoming a father. Thank you so much daddy for standing beside me.

#45. The moment you land kisses on my cheeks and give me a tight hug, life suddenly starts seeming perfect and stress-free. Never change my father at least for me. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday, father!

#46. For a daughter, a father’s love is the first and the purest love she experiences. Thanks to Lord, I have received that love in heaps. May you shine hard and become the king in what you do. Happy birthday, dad!

#47. I may still be a little plant in front of your gigantic tree-like character but I feel no shame in losing to my dad and learning constantly from him. Thanks for helping me out in making the most crucial decisions of my life. Wishing a cheerful birthday to my astonishing father!

#48. Happy birthday my dear father! Dear dad, you are like a giant tree on whom scrumptious fruits are dangling and you are always ready to give them to us. Under your shadow, we feel safe and comfy.

#49. Happy birthday dear father! With each passing birthday, you are getting more graceful, healthy, wealthy, and swash-buckling. May you continue to prosper in all walks of life.

#50. Happy birthday to my super successful father! Your mere presence fills my being with utter inspiration and propels me to amplify your legacy. One day you will be known by my name.

#51. Happy birthday my superhero! Just when I think life has given me more than I deserve, you come up with something unexpected and heart-tugging. How do you come to know all the time what’s running in my heart?

#52. My all dreams, my entire personality, and all my accomplishments are devoted to you. Without your unconditional support, I would be nothing more than an aimless teenager. Thank you father and happy birthday!

#53. Thanks a lot dad for creating and sharing so many exhilarating memories. The father-daughter bond we share fills my heart with peppiness. I wish you a splendid birthday father!

#54. Happy birthday to the best father ever! Dear cute dad, you are my first best friend, first instructor, first cynic, and the supporter of my dreams. Life will be one big mess without you.

#55. If there is one person whom I would like to follow till the end, it would

be you, father. Many happy returns of the day to the coolest dad!

#56. Happy birthday my lovely father! I consider myself an extremely lucky boy in the world because I have the best father in the world who is always ready to lay helping hands to me. Thanks for all the sacrifices daddy.

#57. From the core of my heart, happiest birthday to the most dashing and dapper father in the world. I don’t know why you are stuck in a corporate job. You should be a fabled fashion model!

#58. Happy birthday my lovely father! Hey dad, we are a thousand miles apart but still, I can feel you every moment and your every heartbeat. I am extremely sorry for being not present at your party. May your birthday be packed with frisky vibes and peppy activities.

#59. Happy birthday dear father! It would be unfair to tell in words how important and dearer your presence is to me. Without you, I can’t imagine my life and I don’t intend to live either. Daddy, I am your princess and you are my whole world.

#60. It is quite cumbersome to take care of a feral, uncivilized, and eccentric boy like me but you have done quite an astounding job. Happy birthday daddy with bundles of heaps and wishes!

Deep Birthday Wishes for Daddy from Son

#62. Happy birthday my sweetest dad! You never have beaten me, and not even yelled. The way you make me understand everything I appreciate. I wish dad may you never lack anything in life. I love you and I am always by your side.

#63. You are that wall for me that has saved me from all the storms and treacherous winds. You have provided me all the relief, dad. I pray may you never be empty of anything. May no one ever hurt you. Happiest birthday my kindest and strongest dad!

#64. Happiest birthday to my awesome dad! Your unflinching faith and belief in yourself inspire me. You are an undefeated champion. May I pray you forever be?

Funny Birthday Wishes for father from son Daughter

#65. Happy birthday to my wisest dad! May God’s blessings forever be on you. May my all prayers forever be with you. May you always have plenty of love. May you be the doyen of your world.

#66. Loveliest happy birthday my loveliest dad! Best of luck in your all future endeavors. It is my wish you get success in all of them. I pray may you never see a stream without water.

#67. Happy birthday my dearest dad! You are a genuine person; a generous man with all the understanding. I feel proud you are my dad. You have made your mark in this world and have inspired me for the same. I wish you luck and forever success in life.

#68. Happy birthday my wonderful father! You are my tree beneath whose shadow I have grown. I am a little like you but look the same as you. Thank you for giving me a shadow, and thank you for making my life wonderful. I promise dad I walk forever with you.

#69. You look strict outside but inside you are like butter. I could not understand it earlier but now I have. Thanks for being strict with me. Your strictness has made me a successful man. Happy birthday dad for everything! I pray may you be healthy and safe.

#70. Happy birthday my caring dad! Dad, you are a man of your words. What you have promised, you always have done for your family. I feel lucky that you are my dad. Because you’re such a father that cares for his children. I wish may you become immortal.

#71. You are the good son of your parents. I promise I will be yours. May you never have withered leaves in all seasons of your life. May your hues are always bright. Happy birthday my amazing dad! I love you.

#72. May nothing bring you bad luck. May nothing ill you. May nothing degrade you. May nothing fade you. You are the shiniest and brightest star. May you ever be; dad. Happy birthday, dad! You are a good man.

#73. Happy birthday to an amazing man in my life; my dad! The debt of you on me, I could never pay off ever. Thanks for being my dad, and supporting and believing in me. And thanks for giving me courage.

#74. In childhood, you had brought me all the shoes I wanted. For me, they were just shoes but for you they are memory. You are an emotional dad. I pray may you never feel emotional pain in life. May you always be happy at heart. Happy birthday my loveliest dad!

#75. Happy birthday my strong dad! I have never felt like you are my dad. I have always understood you as my friend. Thank you for letting me. I pray for your safety and protection every time, and I wish may you always have the strength. You are a strong man, dad.

#76. Happy birthday my beautiful dad! You never wish and demand of me anything. You accept me as I am. I pray you forever be like this. And I wish may you get recognition for your selfless work for society.

#77. Happy birthday my best dad! You have given me the best treasure in life; dad, your stories. That’s why today I am a successful writer. I pray may your creativity expands beyond boundaries. May you be recognized for your craft.

#78. Happy birthday my adorable dad! You are that shoulder on which I have rested since my childhood. You are that shoulder by which I have stood always. I wish may I also become your shoulder as you have become mine. And I pray may you never have to depend on anyone.

#79. Happy birthday my cutest and honest dad! The true definition of being a father is; you are. You are in every true sense. On your birthday I wish may you have all the pleasure and happiness for all the hard work you have done for bettering my life.

#80. Happiest birthday my mountainous dad! A father is like a mountain always standing for his children. You are determined; dad and you have always stood for your family. May you forever be steadfast and follow your horizon.

#81. Happy birthday my melodious father! All the melodies you have made me hear for sleeping I still remember. I can never forget them. They are my best memories. I pray may no disease ever cripple you. May no evil touch you.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

#83. You have brought me up with utmost care. I am for your diamond. I want to tell you; that you are the best person, dad.

#84. When you used to come from the office, you took me into your arms and threw me into the air. I felt like I am flying. Because of you, my childhood was wonderful and this life too. I pray may no hurdle come in your life. May you have to depend on none and always go ahead. You are my lovely dad. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

#85. You feel me like an eagle, dad. You are firm, not sliding. You have immense faith and belief in yourself. You are so psychologically strong. You are phenomenal. I envy you, dad. Happy birthday my all-in-one dad! Your daughter loves you.

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes and Birthday Greetings for Dad

#86. As water is transparent and pious, you have the same quality. You are honest and truthful. I love you, dad. I wish may your honesty not get broken. May you forever tread on the path of truth. Happy birthday my honest father! Your daughter cares for you.

#87. What qualities I define in you, Dad! You are superman. You are my hero. And I wish may you be always my super-hero. Take care of yourself. You are important to me. Happy birthday, dad! Your daughter thinks about you.

#88. You have brought me all the presents that I even had thought of. You are my magician dad. I pray may your hard work always brings fruit to you. May you forever be brave. May no worries and tensions kill you. Happiest birthday my handsome dad! Your daughter firmly believes in you.

#89. In my all childhood years, you were outside doing your business. And I hardly know you. I pray and wish may you always be near me by my side. May this come true. Happiest birthday dad! Your daughter is waiting for you.

#90. My life is as sweet as all the sweets you used to bring for us. You have given everything to me. I am thankful for this. I promise I will always be near you, and when you want to talk, I would hear you. May your whole life be sparkling and full of firecrackers. Happy birthday my teddy dad! Your daughter is with you forever.

#91. What you expect from us; may that come true. As you have made us proud, we promise we make you too. May your aura spread everywhere in this world. May your name get written in history texts. Happy birthday father from your caring daughter!

#92. You are like a tortoise, Dad. Gradually and continually you win all the races. That’s why you are my, dad! I love you so much. May you always be like this. Happiest birthday my amazing dad from your only daughter!

#93. May you be like Hercules, dad. May you win all the fights with just your blink. May you be an undefeated king. Wishing an awesome birthday to my awesome father from your cutest daughter!

#94. On your shoulder I used to jump like it is a spongy pillow for me. You are the only person I am open to. I wish may you become immortal for me. I wish may you never see a dearth in your life. Happy birthday my best dad! Your daughter loves you.

#95. May you have no regrets in your life. May you forget your bad memories. May you live in the present rather than worrying about the future. Happy birthday my simply soberly dad from your daughter!

#96. May no evil, no bad, no ill; touch you. May God be your shield and protect you. Hugs and true warm wishes on your birthday I wish for you. You are always in your daughter’s prayers, dad.

#97. You always say you never want to get old. Even though it is not possible. But on your birthday, I pray and wish may my dad forever be young and handsome. Happy birthday dearest dad to your daughter!

#98. Today on your birthday you are outside the country. I gravely miss you, dad! May you never go leaving me on your birthday. May you never be far from me. Loveliest happy birthday dad! Come home, your daughter awaits you.

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

#100. An animal could eat its children when feeling hungry. Many do. But a father could never hate his children. Thank you dad for always being in our lives and guiding us every time. Without you, we are nothing. I wish you a happy birthday and generous thanks once again!

#101. The best quality of yours is your understanding. Not only do you understand everything but you can make others too. You have an uncanny gift of healing. I wish you the best happy birthday dad! May no splinters and blisters you get in your life.

#102. You are a real lion, dad. You have led and fed your family well. I pray may all your wounds get healed. Wishing you hugs and love. Happy birthday my lion dad!

#103. Less you speak but more you say through your silence. You care but you don’t show. You are the epitome of selfless love. Thank you dad for everything! I love you and wish you a happy birthday. May stars forever glitter for you.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

#104. Happy birthday dearest father! You have taught me that patience is the key to success but waiting and delaying is the death of your dreams. Thanks, dad for teaching me all of these valuable lessons. I am indebted to you.

#105. You have never cared about anything and anyone. You just follow your heart and achieved everything. I wish for such determination and courage I also have. I wish may you be forever like this. I love you dad and happy birthday!

#106. May no disease touch you father. May you never die. What a daughter could wish for her father whom she loves so much! Wishing you all love and happy birthday my sweet father!

#107. Happy rocking birthday to my dad! My unforgettable memory with you was when you drove me to school and we listening music together like no one near us and in the whole universe w,e are only. Thank you for those memories. I wish may we together again visit those lanes.

#108. You are a man of words; dad. Literature flows from your mouth. You weave words like you weaving pearls in a thread. May your become the world’s best writer. Happy birthday my Oscar Wilde dad!

#109. Happy birthday my amazing father! You are a phenomenal star of my sky whose moon you are too, and under whose beams I am shining too. I wish may you forever be happy. May smile never leave your heart.

#110. You are hopeful. You are an optimistic river of hope that whoever gets in touch with you; becomes worried and tension free. May you keep this river flowing. Wish you a happy birthday dad and love and a warm hug to you!

#111. Anything is possible. That’s a mantra you have given me; dad. I am devotedly obliged to you. I am successful because of you. Many thanks to you, and I give you millions of wishes on your this grand birthday. May your aura never fade. May you be the shiniest star in the entire universe.

#112. A father is like that wall in your life that protects you from everyone and everything. You are that wall for me, father. I pray may you be strong at heart. You are the most genuine man, father, I have ever seen. Happy birthday, father!

#113. May you never have to struggle hard. What you want; may come to you so easily. May God’s hand on you, may you go far. Loveliest birthday my loveliest dad!

#114. You are just a farmer; dad. But you have made your all children businessmen. That’s your wise. Thank you for bettering our future. Happy birthday dear dad! May your glory spread beyond limits. May we make you proud too.

#115. You are like an umbrella for me; dad. You have saved me from all the windstorms. I pray may none have the power to tear you apart. May all bow down before you. Happy birthday dad!

#116. You are a little angry but I like you. You are a little irritated but I like you. You don’t cook the best food but I like you. Because you are my best; dad, I like you. Happiest birthday dad! Always get going ahead!

#117. You have washed my diapers. You have made me bathe. You have fed me when I waved hands towards the stars. You have made me walk. Oh, dear dad, you are gold. Happy birthday my best father in the world!

#118. You are polite and remarkable; father. Many-many happy returns of the day happy birthday father! May sparkling joy never leave the precipice of your lips. May your eyes forever see the twinkling light of the broken star’s sight.

#119. You are wholesome; dad. You have no lack in you and are completely like a perfect man. I know why mom is so happy to marry you. I pray may your married life forever be young. May beautiful birds sing for you always. May the moon and sun always be there for you.

#120. A father is like that rain, that when it comes, it wipes off all the summer heat and takes you near a beach where you can feel the splashes of water coming on your face. Happy birthday dad for being always there for me!

#121. May your childlike innocence never air off. May your mirthful nature never fade off. You are the dear dad of us; may you always be proud of us. Wishing the happiest birthday to my happiest father!

#122. Happy birthday my Dumbledore dad! You are totally like Albus Dumbledore; dad. You have empathy, you are witty, and you are funnily smart. May you be forever like this; dad. I adore you.

#123. Happy birthday to my simply soberly cakey heart dad! May your may always may whatever you say.

#124. Wishing you all the love and hugs to my beautiful dad. I pray for you till my last breath. Happy birthday my cutest dad! May you live thousands of years. Happiest birthday once again!

#125. Happy birthday my courageous dad! I am lucky that I am your son. You are truly a veteran who has saved our country from real danger. You have lost one hand and one foot. But you have made your place in the whole country’s heart. May you forever be that strong, dad.

#126. You are my Batman; dad. I wish and pray may you do amazing work in your life. May you go beyond limits and discover the unknown. I pray that may Almighty be kind to you. Wishing flowers happy birthday to my dad!

#127. You always need the shadow of your father beneath which you want to spend your best moments. You want it always there. It feels like someone is protecting us. I wish may your whole life be a utopia. Happiest birthday dad!

#128. What I write for you; dad! All the words are less for your appreciation. You are like a rainbow of seven colors whose every hue is bright. May the rainbow in your life forever be spread. Wish you an awesome birthday my awesome dad!

#129. Happy birthday my beautiful father! You have never given up in your life, and people whom you love. You are generous and have gratitude towards others always ready to help them. I pray may in all the dreams you see the light of the day.

Birthday Greetings for Dad

#131. Happy birthday dad; may you never dead; May you forever last; I gift you all glories, silver, and gold ever last; happiest birthday dad; you are my future, present, and past.

#132. You are everything for me; my moon, my son, and my sky; you are everything for me; I exist, you exist me; happy birthday dad; you are forever for me.

#133. You fulfill your duty every time; never weak but always prime; you don’t play dice; you are the man of chess; a wise; happiest birthday dad; with you, we are always fine.

#134. You are our Santa; you are our Winnie the pooh; you are our Kungfu Panda; I dearly love you; happy birthday dad; you are in my prayers; I forever wish for you.

#135. You sweat for me; you give you every share to me; in winter, you my blanket; in summer, you are a fan to me; happiest birthday father; you all to me.

#136. Beyond the clouds I see your face; in dreams, I weave your face; you are my father; I believe in your care; you never rear; that’s what being father there; happy birthday father.

#137. Happy birthday father! You are the rose of tonight. On your birthday, you look so bright. You are the man of new heights.

#138. May you no become empty of love; may you no become empty of nothing; May you never be alone; dad; with you, we always for-long; happy birthday my finest dad.

#139. You never said I love you, but your eyes tell; you are forever for me; dad, you are great; father like you, is my fortune; happiest birthday dad; I never leave you.

#140. I cook your favorite dish for you; on your birthday; I become a chef for you; may you savor it; may you favor it; may in your guidance I rise fit; happy birthday father with glitters of stars hit.

#141. I wish your dreams come true; with us, you come true; all abundance and wealth to you; happy birthday father; May all below to you.

#142. Be you in the ecstasy always; I revered you always; you are my highest priest; you are my father, best in all lists; everything for you, happy birthday!

#143. Over you I sit; in childhood, you are my horse, lion and every bit; what I say you are; you are my father; ever blossoming father, forever be; happiest birthday to you; I love you in every bit.

#144. Being a father is like sacrificing for your child; you sweetly do; never compromise; thankful dad I am all of you; you are best, I appreciate you; wishing happy birthday with love to you.

#145. May in no dark you wonder; may no evil of you afraid; may no fear you have of nothing; May you have courageous wings; loveliest birthday father with all my kiss on your cheek.

#146. With a clink of beers and wine; you become sublime; you talk poetry and of wind with wind chimes; may on your birthday together forever of your close loved ones; with only one glass; you are this fine.

#147. You are friends of friends; people value you; you are a man of faith; may your glory spread beyond limits; happy birthday dad with all sweet smiles.

#148. You are like a big sunflower for me; dad, you protect me; your mightiness; what I talk about! You are bigger than the sky; I talk about; emotional you are at heart; I love you dad so far; happy birthday.

#149. You are a knight of my nights; you are the king of all land and slides; you at heart always right; you care for others; I love your this benign; happy birthday my dear father all your life.

#150. Wishes on your birthday from the whole family; you are our main tree; under your branches; we sleep calm; when you awake; we dream of stars; may you be firm forever; you are my dad forever.

#151. Loveliest awesome birthday to my dad; a man of finest thread; may you never fall; happy birthday with everything but nothing almost.

#152. When you get old; I will be your shoulder; I fulfill all your says; whatever you may happiest birthday dad; I always say.

#153. You are like my teddy bear; when I weep, you are near; you bring all happiness to me; you are my dad dear; happy birthday dad; you said never fear.

#154. May the light on you; may the guide on you; may He the Almighty show path to you; May he heart to you; maybe the part of you; happy birthday father; may no one surpass you.

#155. You are honest; you are truest; your words bravest; you calm; you serene; happy birthday dad; you ever green.

#156. You are my caretaker; you are my career; you are my storyteller; you are my maid; you are my father; a lovely dad; wish you a happy birthday with all the love, hugs, and care.

#157. On your birthday; may your cake ever last; you dance party and rock hard; happy birthday dad; just party hard.

#158. You talk of rising; you talk of rising fire; you talk nothing of defeat; you are not a liar; I admire you; you are my dad with all the colorful hues; happy birthday dad; I love you.

#159. You are a good husband to your wife; you are a good son to your parents; you are a good parent to your children; what I praise of you! Happy birthday, dad; you are good in everything.

#160. Oh the dad, you are great; happy birthday; you are my lad; I wish all the heaven for you; you are my dad I love you.

Happy Birthday DAD Status

#162. Happy birthday to my super handsome dad! The glow on your face and the agility in your body can put any teenager bubbling with energy to shame. You are 50 but you are getting younger with each passing birthday.

#163. Happy birthday my inspiring dad! As long as you are standing beside me, I can kick hard any obstacle of life and bring victory to my corner. You are my inexhaustible source of motivation.

#164. Wishing happy birthday to the world’s most loving, caring, and jovial dad. Not only you are my unshakable support but also the best mentor!

#165. Happy birthday my father! On your utterly enchanting day, may the glass of whiskey doesn’t leave your hands, and may your spellbinding never gets away from your face.

#166. Happy birthday to my superhero dad! I am the prince of this house because my father has treated me like one. You are the undisputed king of my heart and the kind of friend I always wanted.

#167. Happy birthday to my forever young and quirky dad. I wish your childlike hastiness and innocence never go away. Have a jaw-dropping birthday party!

#168. Daddy, would you please stop coming in front of my female friends? I mean, you are so hot that they start asking for your number the moment they see you. Wishing happy birthday to the hottest dad in the world!

#169. The kind of wonderful kid I am today is because my father has fantastically raised me. I don’t know how will I repay you for all the amazing things you have done for me. Wishing happy birthday to the most vivacious dad ever!

#170. Hello father, we don’t share a great equation but I know that deep down you care for me a lot. May God bless you with the strength to fulfill all your dreams. Happy birthday my hero!

#171. I am utterly thankful to God for making such a kind soul my father. I adore you for what you have done to me and the entire family. Happy birthday my dad, my king!

#172. Dear dad, to be honestly speaking, I don’t mind whenever you scold me or fumes anger at me for something. I know you always think about my future and well-being. Happy birthday to the greatest father in the world!

#173. Dear dad, everything related to my life including me revolves around you. I feel so safe, comfortable, and loved under your shadow. I love you daddy and happy birthday!

#174. Happy birthday my smart father! You are the epitome of humility, hard work, unwavering dedication, and generosity. You are a man with many talents and magical abilities.

#175. I take outrageous pride in calling you, my dad. You have no idea how grateful I am to have you in my life. Have a fabulous birthday celebration, my awesome dad!

#176. Dear papa, I want to thank you from all my heart for imparting the finest quality education, values, and virtues to me. You have already given me a true wealth of life. I hope your day is completely packed with intriguing activities. Happy birthday my great dad!

#177. Other kids get inspired by comic book heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman and I get inspired by the real-life hero, my dad. Happy birthday to my true adulthood friend, my awesome mother!

#178. For everyone out there, you may be an old and grumpy man. To me, you are a dazzling father oozing with knowledge and wisdom. Wishing you a splendid happy birthday my awesome father!

#179. Happy birthday dear father! They say wisdom arrives with age but you have proved that statement wrong. You are a prodigy and a true genius in your own right. The world can become heaven in no time if we have more dads like you.

#180. Happy birthday my loving dad! The day all the kids will have an encouraging, supporting, and caring dad like you is the day this world will become an ingenious and magical place to live.

#181. Happiest birthday to my dearest father who has always inspired me to focus only on profound things and doing fine deeds in life. I love you and I owe you a lot. Happy birthday, daddy!

Funny Birthday Wishes for father from son & Daughter

#183. People’s income and wealth increase with age and yours are dwindling at an exponential rate. At this pace, you will leave nothing but debt for us. Wishing happy birthday to my miser and broke daddy!

#184. Dear father, your diligence and never give up attitude have inspired me for ages. All my success and laurels belong to you. I love you the most in this world. Happy birthday dear father!

#185. The reason I haven’t brought any gift on your birthday is that my pocket money is way too low to cover even my expenses. If you want a present from me, increase my pocket right away. I wish you a joyous birthday father!

#186. Happiest birthday to the family’s most gullible and foodie creature. I have ordered a separate cake for you so that you can eat to your heart’s content. Happy birthday my lovely father!

#187. Celebrating your happy birthday is one of the most awaited moments of the year for me. I worship you as God and your presence in my life is all that matters to me. Happy birthday to my entire world, my lovely daddy!

#188. Happy birthday my chubby dad! Dear father, make sure you can eat as my sweets and pies as possible because as soon as your birthday is over, I will again put you on a strict diet. My mother is super beautiful, I have to make sure my father looks good as well with her.

#189. Happy birthday to my hilarious dad! My lovely father, I think your 50th birthday is the perfect time for you to grow up and stop tickling the funny bones of family members all the time.

#190. It is so strenuous to write a funny birthday wish for you because every funny element pales in front of your funny attitude. You are an integral part of my life. Happy birthday, father!

#191. Thanks a lot father for giving me good looks and colossal wealth. By the way, when will I have the power of attorney in my hands. Wishing a splendid birthday to my cute father!

#192. Congratulations on entering the age group where tilted backs, wobbly knees, and hairless heads are quite a common phenomenon. Be ready to embrace them anytime. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my lovely dad!

#193. Happiest birthday to the man for whom nothing is more significant than family, not even his own goals and ambitions. You are surely the most selfless and compassionate father in the world!

#194. Happy birthday my dad, my mentor! You have taught me how to be a man of character and values. Under your guidance, I have become a fantastic and ambitious being. Thanks for guiding me and making me the man you wanted to be.

#195. Your birthday is quite special for me because my hero and my lifelong teacher were born on this day. Thank you daddy for fulfilling all my dreams and supporting me like a true mentor. Happy birthday to you!

#196. I still wonder, how do you manage to land up with my mother? I mean she looks like some angel from heaven and you are an average joe. So lucky of you daddy. Happy birthday and rock the party!

#197. Happy birthday to my forever horny dad! It is so difficult to find a birthday gift for a man who has no interest in anything except hot girls. Daddy, your horny nature is getting out of hand. Either control it or you will land up in some serious troubles.

#198. Happy birthday to the best drinking buddy! Hey dad, it’s time to loosen up your waist belt as we both are set for a drinking marathon on your birthday. No matter who loses, the payment will be done by you.

#199. Happy birthday to you my crazy dad! No matter how hard you resist denying reality, you are getting older and bald. Though I still consider you handsome.

#200. Happy birthday my awesome father! No alluring words, no praising, and no gifts are sufficient enough to describe your magnanimous and intriguing personality. You are a man with infinite compassion.

#201. Have a wonderful birthday daddy! I know we don’t have a lot of things in common. But I still look up to you with the utmost respect and admiration. You are quite a handsome man.

#202. A son is as good as his dad’s teachings and support given to him. I am quite fortunate to get the best teachings and unconditional support from you. Best happy birthday to you dad!

#203. Happy birthday to the most amusing, wisest, and the most broke man in the world. Being intelligent doesn’t mean you can also be rich. Have a rocking birthday celebration father!

#204. Have a memorable birthday my lovely father! Dear Father, a magnificent man like you deserves all the good things in life like love, loyalty, good health, wealth, and the support of family. May your dreams and money keep getting bigger.

#205. The Grey hairs on your head are the reflection of your experience and your earnings as well. I am proud to say that you have earned every goddamn thing in your life. You make your luck. Happy birthday, daddy! I am proud of you.

#206. Even though I am your son, we both are poles apart personalities. Thank goodness, I have more traits than my mother, not you. Happy birthday to my super amazing father!

#207. May you continue to dive deep into your inner greatness and spread the positivity and love that you always wanted to. Wishing happy birthday to the most wonderful father in the world!

#208. Happy birthday my adventurous father! Even at this age, I haven’t seen you afraid when it comes to taking risks and stepping into the unknown. How do you manage to garner so much courage to pursue your wild dreams!

#209. You have turned old but the party animal inside you is still quite young and feral. On your birthday, I declare you as the party God. Wishing happy birthday to the coolest father in the world!

#210. Though you are 50, you look like a 75 years old cranky man. Would you please stop drinking alcohol and eating burgers all the time? Happy birthday dear father!

#211. A super special father like you deserves nothing but absolutely ingenious birthday wishes with loads of surprises and hugs. You are the source of everlasting joy and cheerfulness. Happy birthday my great dad!

#212. Happy birthday to my hot-headed dad with a cool heart. Please start working on your unstable mindset. It freaks out all of us.

#213. As long as we are together and tied with the bond of love, we will live in utter happiness no matter how limited the resources we have. Happy birthday daddy and I love you to the moon and back!

#214. Wishing happy birthday to my grumpy old father! Dear dad, this birthday make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned in opening your fat wallet and throw a freaking good birthday party for us. Please, no more money-saving on your birthday.

#215. Your sense of humor is second to none. The way you manage to put a smile on the most serious faces is commendable. You are born to radiate fun and friskiness on this planet. Wishing happy birthday to my super awesome father!

#216. How wrong I was for considering you as my superhero during childhood. You can’t even lift a gas cylinder. Jokes apart, wishing a cheerful birthday to my dazzling father!

#217. It’s your day to go out and party hard like the teenagers. Don’t you dare to flirt with other women or else mommy will kill you before the birthday ends? Happy birthday, father! Have a great one.

Happy Birthday Poems for Dad

#219. You my navigator; you my compass; you make me look so far; you generous, you cool; you are my Dad; that’s good; wishing you happy birthday Dad.

#220. No one like you; no one will be and was; you are my wonderful Dad, a magician with a magic wand; happy birthday Dad; I love you with all my heart.

#221. You always taught me all; never do wrong and be a man but not frog; you inspire me with all your values; your character is like my charioteer; I wish you happy birthday Dad; you are my pioneer.

#222. You made me see all the worlds; all the oceans and all the lands; you made me believe I have invisible wings; fly where your think; happy birthday Dad for all this and that.

#223. You love but you could never say, yet I understand and I always pray; happy birthday Dad; that is all I want to say; that I understand all that you may.

#224. You used to take me in your lap; making me wander here and there; making seeing the things that I wonder; my childhood was in your lap; I am glad that you are my dad; happy birthday my dearest Dad.

#225. Your heart is like a pious rain; you fill your little pond, me when I dry; for all my happiness; you forever try; thank you Dad; I feel by; wishing you loveliest birthday Dad!

#226. You are a cool handsome dude; you are my Dad; an awesome lad; you never do bad; you are my hulk; a good man happiest birthday Dad; you are my silver man.

#227. I take care of you when you get old; I give what you have given me all; you will never feel alone; that I promise; on your every birthday; we rejoice; happy birthday dear Dad.

#228. You hold me strong; never made me weak; you said this is the trick; of shedding all the bricks; by being strong; happy birthday Dad for all this wonderful get.

#229. Rocking happy birthday my world’s best Dad; these words I spill with all my care; with my truest heart I love you Dad; I feel proud I am your daughter best; happy birthday once again.

#230. With two pegs of wine; the clink with glass; we celebrate your birthday with a blast; happy birthday Dad; may you look forward and forget the past.

#231. Never you get angry at me; you talk so softly; you are my pillow; my first playmate; you are my dad; it is so best; happiest birthday Dad.

#232. I brought for me all the toys; what I demand and what I enjoy; so thankful I am towards you; you are my Dad, I love you; happy birthday Dad!

#233. As the moon, like the sun; you are my Dad; giving me shadow; and never bend, nor tired you are; you are my man of steel; I love you far; happy birthday Dad.

#234. You are a strict teacher; you are a good parent; you are my good friend; you are my all, a wonderful man; happy birthday Dad; for you, I always care.

#235. You are my knight; a king always bright; you give me the directions tight and right; you are my savior; that’s why I have a good life; happy birthday Dad for all this with all my love and smile.

#236. You took me to bike races; you took me to car races; you took me to fairs; you took me to the circus; you took me to all where my joy was; happy birthday Dad; may you forever last.

#237. Be the king, be the best; never be like rest; all idles all weaks; this is not your destiny; only success is your kick; thanks Dad, and happy birthday.

#238. You said to be the way you like; you fly where your heart never lies; you said to take the risks that you fear; it is there where you rise; happy birthday my Dad.

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