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80 BEST Friendship Status for WhatsApp – Quotes About Friendships

Friendships develop in a variety of ways, but all good friends look for the same goal: to be a source of affection and encouragement. Having a true friend is like a present that keeps on giving, even though they are thousands of miles apart. Your closest peers have supported you through tough lessons, job choices, and painful breakups. They did comfort you when you had those hits you shouldn’t have attempted in the first place.

friendship status
You should still depend on your mates to be there for you, whether you’re enjoying life or experiencing a loss. It means something to know that you have the love of your friends every step of the way. A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or seeing the silver lining of a less-than-ideal condition all mean a lot to you. Let them that you care by sending them one of these sweet friendship quotes that best capture your special relationship. Here Are 80 Friendship Status And Quotes For Your Best Friend.

Friends are people who are always there for you when you are going through a difficult time. This collection of friendship quotes and statuses will help you appreciate the importance of friendship.

friendship status

Friendship Quotes And Statuses

Friends are there for you in good times and bad, and they can assist you in any situation.”

Finding good friends is difficult, but not impossible because life is a long journey where true friends can be found.”

Be grateful that you have some true friends and that God has blessed you with a wonderful gift.”

You will realize that you have some amazing friends after reading these friendship statuses and quotes.”

Best friends leave an indelible mark on your heart.”

friendship status

My life would be meaningless if I didn’t have some amazing and unique friends.”

True friends boost one’s self-esteem and remove fear from one’s heart.”

Even if the entire world is against you, your friends will always be there for you.”

It doesn’t matter how many friends you have; what matters is how many friends are there to support you when you’re going through a difficult time.”

Friends are always there for you in life, even if you lose.”

Friends trust each other’s decisions.”

friendship quotes

Friends always demonstrate their friendship by their actions, not by their words.”

You will notice a difference in yourself if you surround yourself with good friends.”

You will make genuine and good friends in life, and then your adventure will begin.”

I’m not looking for a perfect friend. All I want is a trustworthy and good friend.”

Sweet Best Friend Quotes

Some friends became family later in life.”

Your best gift in life is an honest and good friend.”

They are the ones who cheer me up and give me energy when I am feeling down.”

quotes about friendships

You will always be happy after a long conversation with friends.”

Best friends can tell when you’re lying and when you’re telling it like it is.”

People consult a detective to solve their problems, but I consult my best friend.”

You are always there for me, my best friend, in every bad situation.”

The best thing about friends is that they make you forget about your problems when you’re with them.”

My best friend, who taught me many things, is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.”

When you’re with me, my friend, bad situations can be turned into good ones.”

Because my friends don’t judge me, I feel at ease around them.”

We have a good time with our friends, but we later realise that we have made memories.”

A best friend is privy to all of your secrets.”

A true friend entered your life and made it beautiful.”

A friend is like a book; he or she will always find a solution to your problem.”

A true friend acts as a map, pointing you in the right direction.”

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I’ll never forget the day I chose you as my friend.”

Don’t lose true friends because you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you do.”

Short Quotes About True Friends

I met a stranger once, and now we’re best friends.”

When you’re silent, your best friend always hears and understands you.”

I’ve kept the memories of the stupid things we did together in my heart.”

Your best friend is the safest locker in which you keep all of your secrets.”

I sometimes feel as if I had never met you before and had no idea how valuable you are to me as a friend.”

Some people come into your life and walk away, but true friends walk alongside you.”

Friendship is the best source of happiness in life.”

I consider myself fortunate to have met you; without you, my friend, I would have been hopeless.”

A friend will always be there for you, trusting, encouraging, and respecting you.”

I could never have imagined that my best friend would bring me so much joy.”

Best friends will cling to your life like glue and never abandon you, no matter how bad things get.”

True friends will show up in your life to pick you up and accompany you until you arrive at your destination.”

I was looking for happiness when I met some stupid friends, and now my life is full of joy.”

I never imagined it would be you, my best friend, with whom I would share so many memories in my life.”

It’s difficult to forget the days you spent with your best friend.”

Whatsapp Quotes Status for Best Friends

When you see a friend after a long time, you will notice that they have not changed.”

Sharing old memories with your best friends will put a smile on your face and fill your heart with joy.”

If you have good friends, they will help you with all of your problems.”

My favourite memory of my life is with my best friends when we did all of the incredible things together.”

True friends will enter your life and resolve all of your issues.”

True friends do not inquire about your past; instead, they accept you for who you are right now.”

Your best friend will lift your spirits and give you the confidence to succeed.”

True friends are there to help you, while fake friends are there to take advantage of you.”

We’re not the same, but we’re best friends.”

My best friend is the only person who does not judge me.”

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met you; without you, I would not have had nearly as many adventures.”

In this fake world, good friends are hard to come by.”

We started talking with “hello,” and now you’re my friend with whom I’ve done a lot of crazy things.”

You never say thank you in friendship because it is your responsibility to help each other.”

A day spent with friends is always a joyous occasion.”

I enjoy doing crazy things with my friends.”

Life will be hell without friends, but with friends, life will be beautiful and joyful.”

True friends do not pass judgement on you; instead, they accept and support you.”

Because they are priceless, a best friend always stays close to the heart.”

Surround yourself with a positive group of people, and your life will be transformed.”

True friends will always lift you, while fake friends will always judge you and pull you down.”

The best memories are made when you have a good time, a good cup of coffee, and a long conversation with friends.”

Best Captions for Friends

Friendship always brings happiness because there is no pain in friendship.”

Friendship is the best medicine in life because it heals your wounds.”

Best friends strive to bring out the best in you at all times.”

Today I smile because you have provided me with so many wonderful memories.”

If life is stressful, friends will help you relax.”

Without realising it, we had made a lot of memories together.”

Without friends, life is hopeless, meaningless, and worthless.”

You will understand each other without having to speak in friendship.”

If I make a bad decision in my life, I know my friend will be there to help me fix it.”

Even in bad times, friends are always there to make you laugh.”

Only the true one remains with you in the worst of circumstances.”

Don’t ever lose true friends if you find them in your life.”

Take pleasure in your life because you have a good friend.”

You always tell your friends about your problems because you know they will help you.”

Even if you forget about them, friends are always there to assist you.”

Friends are like light in the darkness; they will help you achieve your goal by clearing the darkness.”

Your friends make the majority of the decisions in your life.”

We’ve made it through the bad times together, and now we’re looking forward to the good times ahead.”

If you have good friends, they will always give you sound advice and ensure that you stay on track.”

The success of friendship is determined by mutual trust.”

Friends are people who can make you laugh even when you’re sad.”

True friends are those who know everything there is to know about your problem.”

True friendship is when you always help each other without expecting anything in return.”

Best friends never forget about each other because they share fond memories.”

I hope you enjoyed this collection of 90 friendship quotes and status updates. Feel free to send this friendship status and quotes to your friends and family.

In the comments section, let me know which of the 80 friendship statuses and quotes you like best.

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