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50 Funny and Happy Single Quotes For Her or Him

Sometimes being single is better than being in a stuck and love-less relationship. Being single gives you the time to sort things out; the following are some single quotes and sayings that will help you feel better about yourself.

Funny and Happy Single Quotes For Her or Him

Single Quotes For Her

1. Being single is the time out from drama.

2. Try to appreciate yourself. You don’t need a man to make you feel better or anything. Be independent and go for life.

3. Being single is good until you fall in love because after that it is just hell. And fire gets hotter and stronger every single day.

4. Being single is the best thing I do. I can watch my favorite shows late at night and I can eat whatever I want, there is no one to stop me from doing anything. In other words, I am crazy and I will wait for someone as crazy as I am, till then being single is the best option for me.

5. Love can change you, sometimes this change is good and sometimes it is not. And if you realize that it is not a good one it is better to just let the feelings go and be by yourself or people you trust and the people who understand you.

6. When you are single and someone close to you is in a relationship, do not let that get to you. It is human nature to get jealous even if those people are closest to you. It will happen to you too. Do not do something that could hurt both of you.

7. Being single is better than a crappy relationship. Because letting go and taking some time from all the drama and tensions can help you figure things out.

Single Quotes For Him and Images

8. As wonderful as it is I may that relationships sometimes can be so lame. There comes a point when you do not even know why are you in a relationship anymore. And when it happens it happens because you were never really in love, it was just a temporary affection and you rushed on it. Never rush things, it can make things worse than they are.

9. Sometimes you do not even realize that the person coming into your life is going to be the worst decision you have ever made. Because sometimes one person can make your whole life a living hell and nobody wants that. Nobody.

10. Do not get into a relationship because society demands that from you. Get into a relationship when you want to be one. Five years from now these people who talk behind you are not even going to matter. So what are you pressurized about? Be yourself.

11. Being in a relationship when that relationship only gives you stress and hurt is not a viable option to hold on to.

12. Isn’t it better to be single than to be played by players? Because I am certain that my heart is not a toy nor is my body.

13. It is better to be single than to be in a relationship which cthat be fixed anymore.

14. Being single gives you a chance to appreciate yourself and figure out what you want from life. It also keeps you away from distractions and you can think with the right mind.

15. Being a lone alone perks you know, because when you are alone there is no one around you to hurt you.

Single Quotes For Him

16. Love is a molded word for getting hurt and scarred for life.

17. You know you feel tired sometimes, tired of this world, tired of people trying to take advantage of you, tired of people telling you that you are not good enough, and tired of people blaming you for things you never can even dream about doing. People not appreciating you. This can be damaging for you and your personality. Do not let this kind of people and relationships get to you. Just know that you are worth more than this and no one can take you down.

18. Sure, love can make you happy, but sometimes being single can make you happier.

19. I cannot get your scent out of my mind your image out of my head and your taste out of my mouth. But sometimes, as much as you want to there are broken pieces that cannot be fixed and it is better to be single.

20. You can have a good time with your best friends too. It is just a myth that only love can make you happy.

21. We get hurt when we expect things from the people who we know are not capable of fulfilling those expectations. It is a way for our brain to hurt us, because we willingly walk into the trap, a trap made by our very own existence.

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22. What is the point of a relationship when you do not even have feelings for one another? And the longer you will lead them on the harder it will be for them to get their head around the fact that you do not like them anymore.

23. Being single is fun. You get to do things that YOU want to do and you do not have anyone to impress.

24. Love is wonderful for sure. That is why I love myself and I do not need anyone else.

25. Sometimes I feel like being single is some sort of defending mechanism for me. And we use it to not get hurt. Because we cannot get hurt when there is no one to hurt us.

Happy Single Quotes For Her

26. Relationships are hard, I’d rather go to a club or movies all by myself and enjoy the things however I want to. I do not need anyone’s approval to be happy.

27. I think my dark humor and sarcasm is the reason why I am still single.

28. When people ask me if I am in a relationship I say yes. But I spare the details because I am in multiple relationships at the same time. I am in a relationship with my bed, food, internet, laptop, phone and the list goes on and on.

29. Being in love can be hurtful when you are in love with someone you know you cannot be with.

30. When someone is single that does not mean they are not capable of loving someone or no one wants them. It means that they just have not found their soul mate yet. We need to give people space. There is no need to gossip about things we do not even know about.

31. You can moan about being single or you can go out with your friends. Have fun and appreciate life. Your choice.

32. I know breakup hurts. But sometimes you have to make decisions for yourself, and sometimes a little hurt can save you from severe pain.

33. Yes people talk on your back, but that does not mean you are a loser that just means that they need something exciting in their dull life.

34. I do not believe in failures. Yes, sometimes relationships end, but that is not a failure that means that you have explored another part of your personality and it did not work because it was not for you and now you are ready to move on. No relationship is a failure.

Single Quotes For Her and Images

35. I am single but my heart belongs to someone, and that someone is not ready to own it.

36. I do not want a relationship, all I want is my laptop, a fast internet connection, and a lot of food.

37. Want to know a trick to be happy? Do not let others run your life, tell everyone that you are the boss of your life and you can spend it however you want to be. Chase your dreams and never give up on them.

38. I do not think that people who prefer to stay single are loners or losers, I think they are more appreciative of themselves which we all should be.

39. I am single, not because I cannot find a person to have a relationship with, it is because I am waiting for the right one.

40. When you are single do not find for someone to be with. If it is supposed to happen it will happen, but on its own time. Meanwhile, enjoy your single life and socialize yourself with the people you love and the people who care about you.

Happy Single Quotes For Him

41. Sometimes all I want is to be alone. Because when I am alone I am more confident, I can be me and I can think straight. Plus, this world is not ready for craziness like me anyway.

42. For me the perfect relationship is when you cannot stop thinking about him, and you do not need him but all you want to be is near him. You dream about him but unfortunately, he loves someone else. the reason why I’m still single.

Happy Single Quotes For Him and Pictures

43. All I want to be is with you, all I want to do is be near you and all I want to taste is you. Yeah, I am single.

44. Being single is simply having quality time for yourself while waiting for the perfect man.

45. When you are not in love, being single is not a problem at all and when you are it is just like a prison and all you want to be is with that person.

46. No wonder I cannot keep relationships; I was never good at chemistry anyway.

Funny Single Quotes For Her or Him

47. When you are not happy that simply means that you are unhappy. Finding a relationship will certainly not help you. Figure out why you are upset and try to solve that first. Because if you won’t it will only hurt you further.

48. Stay single unless you know it is going to be real.

49. Relationships that are based on lies are the worst kind of relationships. Even though only you know the lie, it always keeps bugging you and you are in the constant fear of ‘what will happen if they find out?’. It is better to tell them the truth and if you cannot let them go. It will hurt less, trust me.

50. Baby I would say that I will love you more than anything but my love for Nutella is way stronger so it would be better to be single and be with Nutella.

51. I am single so I can have a crush on anyone I want. You just have to be cute.

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