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75 Romantic Kissing Quotes on Love and Life

Kiss is a very important part of life to express our love to someone special. A kiss from our loved one plays a very important role in boosting our energy which helps us to face any problem in life.

Kiss is the expression of love, to show your loved ones how you feel about them, how much you love them, and how important they are in your life.

Here are some kiss me quotes to show your love and affection.

  • “A kiss is the most intimate form of love that can exist in all eternity”.
  • “It’s the kind of kiss that inspires stars to climb into the sky and light up the world”.
  • “I promise to kiss you like it’s the first time and the last time, every time”.
  • “The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer”.

Romantic Kissing Quotes on Love and Life

Kissing Quotes

The love that we get from our parents is the best thing in the world. Their love is like a blessing for us and their kiss is the warmest kiss that makes us feel wanted, loved, and safe. Here are some Kiss Me quotes for parents to show how much they love their children.

1. I love the way my mom kisses me, it’s the best feeling in the world.

2. Sweet kisses from my mom made me feel like a little girl again and made me forget that I’m a grown-up now.

3. A kiss from my mom is the sweetest kiss I’ve ever felt in my life.

4. One sweet kiss from my mom and dad takes away all the fear inside.

5. My father is the only man in my life and one kiss from him made me feel safe in an instant.

6. When things get hard, a Kiss on my forehead from my dad is his way of saying that everything’s gonna be alright.

7. The best anti-depression medicine is the comforting kiss of a mom.

8. I love it when my mom kisses my wounds, it’s the best painkiller in the world.

kissing quotes for her and images

9. I give all the best in everything I do because, in every achievement, a priceless reward awaits…a sweet kiss from my mom.

10. Kiss is so powerful that even if it doesn’t speak, you can understand what it means.

11. I may get a loving husband who will kiss me every day, still, my favorite kiss will be a kiss on my forehead from my dad.

12. A single kiss from my mom is enough to forget all my pains and sufferings. She is the one and only person who will not judge me and love me unconditionally.

13. No matter how old I am, I still need a good night kiss from my mom.

14. At the end of the day, a good night kiss from my mom is all I need to forget all the problems, serving as a reminder to appreciate life and be grateful for what I have.

15. A kiss from Mom is just like a blessing from God.

16. A kiss from your parents is the best thing in the world and to express its worth is priceless.

17. A sweet and lovely kiss from my parents is always and will always be my lucky charm.

Cute kissing quotes for him

18. A kiss from my dad made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Everyone has a dad but not everyone has a supportive dad who will give everything for his children.

19. Today I saw a mother kissing the feet of her baby and it’s a wonderful scene I have ever seen. A pure love in its truest sense.

20. For me, a single kiss from my mom is my weapon and shield to fight against all the troubles in life.

21. A kiss from parents is like a blessing, it will give you strength to face the problems that life can bring.

Cute Kiss Me Quotes for Her With Romantic Images

A kiss is a very important part of every girl’s life. She always dreamed of being kissed by the one she loved and whom she wanted to spend her life with. The first kiss of a girl holds a special place in her life for it made her feel like a princess in every fairy tale. Trust me if she allows you to kiss her, she’s all yours. Here are some kiss me quotes for her to make her feel loved.

22. Be my princess and let me kiss you and be your prince forever.

23. You are the sweetest, I want to kiss you so that you can feel how much I love you, my queen.

24. I just want to kiss you and be yours forever.

25. I want to kiss her on the dance floor and match her steps forever.

26. Every time I see you, your beauty forces me to kiss you.

27. I love her the way she is and when she kisses me on my nose with all her innocence, I just feel complete.

Cute kissing quotes

28. You are the most beautiful girl for me in the whole wide world and I feel so lucky that you are mine and I only have the right to kiss you.

29. I feel so lucky to have you in my life and feel like the luckiest person in the world when you let me kiss you.

30. The best moment of my life was when I kissed her for the first time, she was a little shy and looked exactly like an angel. I can’t stop myself and hold her in my arms.

31. When you look at me with your tiny beautiful eyes, I can’t hold myself to kiss you.

32. When you try to flirt with me you better watch out girl, I might not be able to hold myself to kiss you.

33. She filled my life with colors and when I kissed her, it felt like I was in heaven.

34. I love her even more when she teases me and suddenly surprises me with a kiss.

35. I wanted to kiss her for a long time and when I got a chance, it was like a priceless moment for me.

36. A morning kiss from her makes my day, I can spend my whole day with that feeling and nothing else.

37. She was walking behind me and suddenly hugged me. I turned around grabbed her in my arms and kissed her and we both forgot the world.

38. She is like an angel and her kiss is divine for me. The most amazing feeling in the world.

39. If you want me to shut up, just kiss me and don’t let me talk anymore.

40. I wish I had the power to convert dreams into reality so that at least once, I can kiss you for real.

41. I love to kiss her while holding her in my arms.

42. I might kissed her a thousand times till now but I can still remember our first kiss and that will always be special for me.

43. The more she comes closer to me, the more difficult it is for me to resist myself to kiss her.

Kiss Quotes To Set Your Heart To Flutter

44. I still remember my first kiss with him, that was the first time that I lost myself and the most incredible feeling ever.

45. If I am dying and someone asked me what would be my last wish, I would ask for a last kiss from her so that I can die happily and peacefully.

46. Her kiss is like a medicine for me, it cures my every pain and suffering.

47. I love her when she struggles to reach out my forehead or jump like a little kid just to kiss me. Isn’t she lovely?

48. I fell asleep wanting to kiss you and when I woke up the feeling was still there. I love you.

49. Kiss is an emissary of love.

50. I wish I could be an ice cream so that I can touch your lips and kiss you.

51. I love it when she pulls off my cheeks and kisses me like a teddy.

52. I can kiss you my whole life and love you forever.

53. I still remember the day when she allowed me to kiss her for the first time, I could see in her eyes how much she was in love with me.

54. The kiss is so magical in such a way that she loses her control even on the simplest kiss you give.

55. A kiss can tell everything you want to say. Grabbing her into your arms, letting your lips touch hers lightly can bring so much meaning and intimacy.

56. A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed.

57. Your kiss is like the air I breathe, I can’t live without it.

58. I just want one thing right now, your lips on mine.###

Romantic Kiss Quotes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Kiss is not only for lovers to express their love, it’s for everyone to show their love for something whether it is a living thing or not. We can kiss our friends, families, or anything we love. Here are some Kiss Me quotes for everyone.

59. I wish my teddy bear could kiss me back, it’s the only thing I have that never left me.

60. It is a comforting feeling when you kiss your best friend and she kisses you back longer, knowing she’ll always be there for you.

61. When my best friend kisses me I feel blessed and I feel a strong connection between us that no one can break.

62. I love the kisses from my dog, true friends are hard to find but I found it with him.

63. A kiss from your pet makes you feel like you still have a real friend in your life.

64. Sometimes, a kiss from your loved ones is a great motivation to do better.

65. When I was a kid, a kiss from my family was the best feeling in the world, I felt more appreciated and loved.

66. I love the way my sister kisses me, her kiss is a message that she will be at my side forever no matter what the situation is.

67. Unexpected kisses are the best.

68. When you are with the right person, kissing becomes healing and a stress reliever. It can take away all your pains and sadness.

69. A kiss is an expression of someone’s emotions that is kept inside until the right time and the right person comes.

70. Sometimes you don’t have to say out loud how you feel inside, a sweet kiss can tell it all.

71. A sincere kiss can be felt by the heart and can be shown by true love.

72. Kissing is a way of telling how much you love the other person without speaking a single word.

73. A genuine kiss is a reflection of sincere love and care.

74. Kiss is created to connect two people, letting each other know how they feel, and giving each other the chance to love and to be loved.

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