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70 Respecting Others Quotes and Sayings

Respecting others is an important part of building character and relationships. Read these quotes about what it means to show respect. Respect can only be gained when given to others. You should never expect respect from others when you treat them like nothing else but your puppet. Sometimes it becomes difficult to respect the people who do not deserve that respect. You should always respect those who deserve it and not everyone is deserving of your respect. Following are some quotes and sayings about respecting others. I hope you like them.

Respecting Others Quotes and Sayings

Here are some quotes about respecting others:

“We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful”.

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners”.

“Never take a person’s dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you”.

“We are all equal in the fact that we are all different”.

“Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized”.

“Don’t tear others down just because they don’t share your opinion”.

“As you get older, you grow and mature, and that should never stop”.

“We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.”

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”

“To the living we owe respect, but to the dead, we owe only the truth.”

Respecting Others Quotes

1. Be respectful and do not expect the same.

2. The best way to earn someone’s respect is by giving them respect. When you treat someone with respect you buy a house in their heart. And that house stays there forever.

3. When there is no respect between two people, no relationship can exist between them, it is just not possible.

4. If they think that you are not worth their respect, let it be like that because no one wants to keep people around them who do not respect and value them.

5. If you are successful but respect is not one of those things you managed to succeed, then what good is your success?

Respect Quotes for Yourself and Others

6. Not everyone you meet in your life deserves your love and respect. Respect those who respect you back and love those whom you can respect.

7. Those who do not want you in your life do not know your worth, let them go because you are going to find people who will respect you and love you for who you are and those will be the people whom you will want to respect and those will be the people who’ll deserve it.

8. Sometimes it hurts to be nice when people around you do not appreciate you and let you down every single time. But the worst thing is that you cannot stop doing it, you just cannot stop being nice and giving respect to people which sometimes they do not deserve.

9. When I come home late, or I’m busy with my stuff or not able to give you time, you should respect that. You should know that sometimes I need time for myself too.

10. It is not me who has to be respectful. You must be a person whom I would want to respect.

11. Respect is the basic requirement for a relationship.

12. Being respectful is a good value that everyone must know by heart.

13. Respect is a character of a person that can make anyone fall for you and it looks charming and wonderful on every single person.

14. Most of the people out there are selfish, people want everything for themselves and they can go to any extent to get what they want. And never forget that RESPECT means nothing to them and let me tell you, never be that person and never let any person who matches the above description in your life. They do not deserve you.

Respect Quotes To Create More Unity In The World

15. Be respectful to your wife, she left everything for you and she is faithful to you, never show any act of disrespect.

16. Relationships can be hard, but never lose hope and keep respecting each other, that way, when the time is right, you will not regret anything at all.

17. No one can make you respect them unless you want to. Yes, you can be afraid of a person and do as they say but that is not respect, that is fear.

18. We can have our differences, well… everyone has their point of view, so I do not want you to agree with everything I say, all I want is for you to respect my opinions and not criticize me on them, and I will do the same. In the end, this is the only way to a healthy relationship.

19. Deserve is a tricky word, it can make a person worthy or not worthy of your respect, love, and time.

20. Respect makes a relationship perfect and strong. And no one can deny it. When you do not respect the other person you can do things selfishly like cheat, hit, slap, and insult. So it is better to be alone than to have a relationship without respect.

21. Being beautiful and charming can help you for a little while, but being respectful helps you for a lifetime.

22. Everything we do for each other is out of love, and out of respect. And the thing is, it SHOULD be with love and respect because if it is not, then it is not a relationship, it is just a prison.

23. The best thing that you can give to someone is respect. It is free, effective, and everlasting.

24. Sometimes all you want to do is punch them in the face, but you are respectful and do not do it out of respect for the relationship you had but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it.

25. Being respectful never hurts you, but being disrespectful does, not just you but many others as well.

26. Respect is the main pillar of a relationship. You cannot build a building without it, even if you do it will collapse soon enough.

Respecting Others Quotes and Images

27. Happy are those who respect others and never let negativity get into them.

28. Be respectful, not for anybody but for yourself.

29. It is our misconception that every person who is older than us is deserving of your respect. NO! The only person who deserves your respect is the one who respects you as well. Give everyone a chance but if that chance turns out to be a mistake, never repeat it.

30. Do not defend yourself by talking, defend yourself by acting. Let them know that you are better than they think of you and let them know that they were wrong about you by showing who you are. That is the only way to earn respect.

31. When you show respect to others, that act seeds a tree in their hearts and their memory keeps watering it from time to time, and that tree soon starts giving you fruit, which by no means is something not regretful.

32. I do not care about money or materialistic things, all I want from him is respect and letting me know that I am not wasting my time with him and we have a future together.

33. Forgiving people means giving them the respect that they once lost from you, it is like starting over and giving them another chance. If you do that then you are the strongest person ever. But be smart as well, forgive them but do not forget what they did, it will keep you from getting hurt again.

34. Have a character so good so that people will respect you, then you will not have to ask anyone for their respect, they will give it to you instinctively.

35. Love is important for relationships because of course a relationship cannot exist without love but so is respect, it cannot exist without that too.

36. The only thing you can do for the people who don’t respect you is to cut them from your life and never let their negativity affect you anymore.

37. Being respectful does not mean being respectful just to someone’s face. It means being respectful on their face and as well as behind their back.

38. People who hurt you and act like you are the one who hurt them are the worst. You cannot respect them even if you want to. It just feels like everything you did for them was a waste of time and no matter how hard you try you cannot respect them even a bit.

39. We should be more respectful of others and let them know that we understand them. It can be a step toward a better world.

40. Being respectful is a reflection of your upbringing.

41. Never let others consume you, those who respect you will not never let you down and those who do not, will consume you and you will just get tired of respecting them. So it is better to give your respect and time to people who deserve it.

42. Relationships can be fragile at the start. And an element of respect can make it stronger than you can ever imagine.

43. Being respectful does not hurt, but being respectful to the wrong people surely can. Always check who deserves your respect and who does not.

44. When you do not respect the people who deserve it you lose them and the people who deserve respect are the real worthy people you know.

45. I gave up on you because you lost respect for me and I cannot bear that, I still love you but I cannot be with someone who cannot respect me the way I respect him.

46. You lose your respect when you raise your hand to hurt someone. You can never earn that respect back, no matter how much sorry you are or how much you regret it, it is not coming back.

47. Always be the one to deserve others’ respect. No one will respect you until you will make them respect you. Be nice to people, because it never hurts to be nice.

48. Be a bigger person and show them the respect they do not deserve. keep yourself as far as you can from them.

49. Being busy does not mean that I do not love you, All I want from you is to understand that the time I am taking for myself is necessary and if I do not take it, I will not be able to focus on us as well.

50. It is better to be alone than to have people in your life who do not respect you and value you. Because sometimes people hurt more than loneliness.

Respecting Others Quotes and Images

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Respect Quotes About Valuing Others and Yourself

Respect Quotes About Valuing Others and Yourself

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