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95 Romantic Good Morning Poems For Boyfriend

Romantic Good Morning Poems For Boyfriend: When you want your boyfriend to wake up to the best and sweetest feelings of love, these romantic good morning love poems for your boyfriend will make it happen.

Romantic Good Morning Poems For Boyfriend

Make your Boyfriend feel lucky and wish him Good morning daily by sending him lovely poems and messages via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Morning is the time when everyone wants to have a blessed feeling for the whole day. In every part of the world, people used to greet each other with morning greetings. The greeting styles can be different according to their culture or trend. Here you can find beautiful Good Morning Poems for your girlfriend or boyfriend with cute images to wish your partner a nice day.

1. “Get up my love, Get up the sun has come The new day has just begun Get up you sleepy head tea, Coz you have lots to see For this day, I love you! Good morning for today!”

2. “It is special Mornings become special When I take your name, Wish I could see you Wish I could feel the same Mornings make me miss you more Baby as I love you to the core A very good morning to you!”

3. “Of all the wishes Have you got up from your bed, I have sent you a good morning kiss Of all the morning moments That you were to miss Get up my boy, It’s a new day Wish you have a lovely day! ”

4. “I wish I could My boy! I wish I could be with you Wish I could see you now Coz I am missing you much Missing your touch Missing everything that you do Wish I could see you Early this day, Good morning! ”

5. “To the boyfriend who always Just wants to sleep in And without coffee whose day Will just never begin Know that it’s not for coffee I wake up in the morning But your love, which like caffeine Is quite habit-forming”

6. “As soon as I woke up today I could only think of you You’re on my mind each morning So this is nothing new I think of what you mean to me And what you say and do I just want to say good morning And of course, that I love you Good Morning My Love”

7. “Good morning my love. Good morning my dear Having a boyfriend like you Makes life that much more clear When I rise in the morning To wake up with the sun Because I know you’re my man And I’m your number one”

Beautiful Good Morning Poems For Boyfriend To Brighten Her Day

8. “Good morning, I love you, and a new day awaits Adventures and laughter come with your wake So this one is ours, our story to make Get out of bed, and take me out on a date! Good morning my dear love”

9. “You are a beautiful sight my lover In the morning, you are as striking as the dawn I hope you have a good morning today Because we all need one, even you I hope you have a very great day”

10. “When I wake up in the morning, I keep my eyes closed tight, Because I felt you with me, throughout the night. And though we are so far apart, It’s like you’re here with me, I feel your arms around me, It’s where I long to be. Good Morning Love”

11. “The sun is shining it’s a brand new day, I see you wake up with your bed head and all. I will make you some pancakes and give you a coffee. I see you smile, now that starts the day off right. Good morning honey.”

12. “I kiss your nose because you gave me a rose that you pulled from the vase last night. I tickle your toes and I love how we grow from what we once were till now. You crawl out of bed, with a chivalrous grin and I know what a day it will be. Good morning my darling.”

13. “Good morning to you darling open your sleepy eyes and greet the sun that’s waiting to brighten up your skies. Inhale the scent of coffee, bacon, eggs, and toast. I’ve made a yummy breakfast for the one I love the most.”

14. “The illumination of the morning sun Reminds me of your cheerful morning attitude Your cheeriness brightens my day And this morning should be good for you my love May you get a good breakfast and get to work on time”

15. “I love to watch you sleeping and to watch your chest expanding as you wake from dreaming and your eyes are dancing. I watch you greet the morning with a gentle yawn as the birds sing to bring back the dawn. Good Morning!”

16. “I hope your night was calm and long I hope it was restful It’s time now to rise and shine Time for coffee, juice, and commutes So take a deep breath and stretch high Today’s the day, you’ll reach the sky Good morning my only I hope your day is as amazing as you are!”

17. “The morning is a sign of another day, it lets us know that we have another chance to do right in the world that day. The sunrise paints a picture that reminds me of our love, it grows brighter with every second. Good morning my darling.”

18. “I know it’s early And I know the night was unkind I know you need more time to unwind But the sun has come And demanded us to awaken Our slumber, it seems, has been forsaken So rise from the comfort of your sheets and pillows It’s time to stretch out like an old Willow Yesterday’s tomorrow is beginning my love and I wish it to be filled with wonder and joy”

Sweet Good Morning Poems For Boyfriend and Images

19. “Good morning to you, I hope you slept well I thought I’d send this card, in the hope it would make you feel swell. I can’t stop thinking of you, I love you, it’s true So have a good morning, you’re the sun and the moon I hope to see you soon”

20. “Good morning to a wonderful boyfriend There’s no big reason for this Only to tell you that I love you And to give you a big good morning kiss My mornings are wonderful with you by my side My whole life with you is one crazy ride”

21. “You rise along with the sun Doing your morning routine The sun is just as bright as you When you’re drinking your coffee I send this card to you, so you’ll know That I miss you a good morning”

22. “My morning is not complete without hearing your sweet voice. All through the night I dreamt of you. Good morning sunshine.”

23. “Good morning, it’s a wonderful day The sun is shining, and bright things await. When the moon comes up and the night fills the sky, I know that the sun will be there again, every day.”

24. “Like the sunshine in the morning, your voice brings light to my soul. The more I talk to you early in the morning, the more the brightness. A wonderful day ahead sunshine.”

25. “Your fingers trailing my skin is the most wonderful feeling to stir me from sleep. Your smile as I open my eyes is a glorious sight as though I am still dreaming. Your gentle “good morning” falls on my ears like birdsong. Good morning, love.”

26. “When I wake to find you beside me I’m filled with warmth and joy. You are in such peace as you sleep and I want you to keep your tranquility in your waking hours. So rise gently and greet the day with a tender kiss.”

27. “Good morning Handsome! You may be frumpled and you may be sleepy, and your face has pillow creases but I think it’s sexy. As you stumble in the kitchen in your boxer shorts I can’t help but smile at you when your voice is hoarse.”

28. “Another day’s here Another dream come true Because every new day Is one more day with you While the sun signals the day’s start And it signals the end Nothing lights up my world Like my handsome boyfriend”

29. “No time to waste Get up, get up! There’s a brand new day So much to do, so much to see There’s a whole world out there Just waiting for you and me Lace up your shoes And pack your bag It’s time for the best day you’ve ever had There’s places to explore, things we’ve never seen People meet, voices unheard Maybe today, you’ll even meet a bird Anything is possible the day is new Most exciting though, is that I have a man like you!”

30. “Your love is the sun that brightens my day, The rock that I need when I lose my way, The moon that protects me in the dark, The passion inside, that inner spark. You are the one my heart beats for You truly make my spirit soar Your love is much more than you realize Good morning my love it’s time to rise I love you”

31. “Your voice is so soothing to me. It calms down my day and gives me a glorious morning to set the day right. Good morning love of my life.”

32. “The sun is shining, the grass is wet, The air is lovely, like two people who just met. Lovely morning, lovely day It seems like a grand is going to happen, wouldn’t you say?”

33. “Waking up next to you Is like part of a dream I love you and I know You’ll always be on my team Good morning, my love I hope you have a wonderful day And I’ll see you tonight That’s all I need to say”

34. “Good morning to you, my wonderful man Let’s get out of bed And start without a plan Because a new day is here And adventures await So let’s take advantage of now Because it is our story to make”

35. “I missed you beside me as I woke and as I stirred, the first word I spoke was your name. You were not there to respond but I knew that somewhere beyond, you lay awake just the same. Though you cannot lie with me, I look forward to the time we’ll meet and be together again.”

36. “Good morning my love I just want to say How much I love you More every day It always feels like I’ve known you forever I wake up with you in my thoughts I know we’ll always be together”

37. “Good morning Good morning A new day is here Laughter awaits and adventure is near Smell the coffee Taste the bacon All of this is for you once you awaken So get out of bed Let’s get started and let’s get ahead!”

38. “When I open my eyes and see open my eyes, I just hope to see you beside me When I open my eyes, I just want you to give me that glee Of being in your arms and that comfort Of being this way together all day Oh I so miss you this morning today Good morning and have a happy day Smile all through the day! 1.”

39. “Sunshine looks like bright Sunshine looks so bright with your thought Yes the morning has its glory adorn Your love makes each day bright for me Its everywhere I feel and I see The morning is incomplete without wishing you That I so love you and I so miss you Good morning to you my boy My only bliss and my only joy! ”

40. “When you are not beside me In the morning when you are not beside me I feel so helpless sleeping on my side When I see your face on my cell all the stress gets so dwell Coz you are my only cheer in life My only reason to survive Baby! Wish you a lovely morning A very good morning! ”

41. “The day is new The day is new and feelings are the same I miss you early on this day Wish I could just hug you Wish I could just run to you and say That I miss you so much Good morning my love! ”

42. “A day so bright It’s a bright and sunny day Boy I am missing you early this day Why can’t I be with you now? Why I can’t see you Feeling lonely without you Early in the morning, Good morning!”

43. “You are my need Morning my dear Get out of your bed To spread that cheer Sip coffee And remember me my love May your Day be bright and cheer Missing you this morning oh dear! Good morning! ”

44. “The sun and radiance for you The sun-kissed morning ray is here The ray that makes me think about you It’s that early morning feel to be with you And only thinks about you Missing you early this day my boy Your smile gives me a reason to joy A very good morning to you Have a lovely day all through! ”

45. “It all starts with you What’s in store for you my honey If you start your day with a smile You will feel my presence in the air For this morning moment while So blow a kiss to me and send it across to me As I wish you happiness and all the glee Wish you a very good morning Have a lovely day too my boy!”

46. “I Want Our Mornings I want our mornings to be in love In love with us and our lips together Let me be in you and tell you stories I want showers of morning dew Pouring on us as we love all day. I want our mornings To come with the ribbons on the sun Let our hearts be flowery So you tell me of rainfall with you. I want to know of your journey to my heart. I want our mornings to be cold So we cuddle till the sun births heat. Let the ground hear our sounds And breathe into the face of pain. I will be your joy and you will be laughter.”

47. “Songs for You This is my heartbeat singing Fluttering with notes to your ears That you may whisper my name O sweet one Songs for your hands to explore me deep For our bodies to speak languages unknown Unspoken and understood Songs for the silent screams The sweet taste of your creams. Songs for your gait to pour on me To show forth the love we buried deep. These songs I want to hear Every morning Every morning when your eyes meet the sun. Tell me again my lover, sing sweetly to me.”

48. “Candles Burn in the Morning Sometimes I wish I could tear open my chest Pass my breasts so you see my heart And see the rhythm it beats every day. Your name is engraved in every blood pumped In every evening dust In every morning warmth. I hear your name in the silence of absence And the nakedness of my fear. Some days when darkness finds my room And the sun refuses to bloom, My rose will nest in its petals Wishing your moon would call by my name. I know a ray of light that keeps burning Slowly And that is my heart. For it beats for you For how much I care for you.”

49. “Twirling Morning Yellow suns are beautiful like you holding golden rays of the laughing sun. My heart is smooth like the night of the moon Itching with emotions only for you. I love you and there’s no copyright You can see it whenever the dew becomes morning. I love how mornings, twirl with thoughts of you Echoing through my head with whispers of your name. How you watch me when I sleep with you Is a guide into the future of us alone. I love you my soldier I love what you are doing to me.”

50. “Soul on Fire Show me a beautiful sunset And I will point at the morning to you Mornings where we loved from east to west Speaking the encrypted language of love With no lies hidden in truths. Loud beats of my heart speak for you Show me a beautiful morning And I will tell of our tales Believed to have sung in the notes of emotions Poured into glasses we drank as tea. Our souls burn with the passion in our eyes. May we love more especially on mornings like this.”

51. “Soundtrack of Mornings Do you hear the sound too? The one love makes The sound of two hearts grinning The sound of emotions clashing themselves. Do you hear the sound too? With slow notes of minor and us Lurking in the shadows of the night, It’s boring to go to sleep. Do you hear the soundtrack too? The one we make in the mornings When our bodies talk in whispers When they love and we listen.”

52. “When Sleep Disappears When the night has taken its plight away When the moon has found a bed to sleep When my heart has begun the rhythm I know it is a very good song I know it is the sun that has appeared I know the day has brought thoughts of you. When sleep goes to sleep And leave the wake opening my eyes I smile to know who I shall see The one who holds my heart like a star. The shining knight of my dreams. How much I love you so”

53. “Love Has Blinded me, Love has taken its sharp sword And put across my eyes with deep words It pierced my heart to strike me So I’m paralyzed and not to be free. The truth has always been about us Crazily loving as if it were a curse. You called me Angel I say you’re my soldier Always guarding and watching out for me. I love you so much even on mornings like this Just never forget my words will not be amiss. I may be blinded by love for you But I see so well, I want to fall again for you.”

54. “It’s All About You From the moment morning visited I woke up with a smile carved on my face Leafing through my memories You hardly lived far away. I found how the morning is quick to blossom On a bright day with love from the sun. So I tell you how much you mean to me Whether clouds decide to hold for the moon. Mornings always come with the scent of you That is why I send this to you, my heartthrob.”

55. “A Hill of Our Love It is steep leading to home Taking us through the thick bushes of before. It has a river of calm Where we swim into happiness There’s a valley that is surrounded by laughter I am talking of the story about us In words I can explain only to my heart. These emotions grow strong Every day with the morning sun. Take my hand to this hill Lead me to us soon Let me have your baby smiles And giggles of love. I want to stumble into you So I cry with pleasure. Bring me home soon With a morning like this.”

56. “Every Morning is About You Time has not changed even its wall Its purpose remains the same Bringing the same journey over again. Through the wicked tide of loneliness, It covers the night and the morning Lime it does with twins and birth One comes and the other follows. Time may have the same routine Over and over again. Every morning starts with you Like time my heart longs for you It doesn’t change a thing about how I feel For you my love, King of my heart Everything may change with time But what we have will grow into beautiful dreams.”

57. “A Journey of Love There is a boy I love to meet His home is knotted with ribbons from my heart He holds a body I never forget With arms to guide me from fear. His smile is the winter and summer’s sound Especially when my body itches for love. He knows how to love At least the earth taught him well. But before then, I one day tried to journey into love To know what it had saved for me Then I found his name with the ray of the sun To be a tattoo upon my breath Whenever I doubt what love is. So here I am telling him these words He’d probably hear a million times I love you much my loving man.”

58. “Parcel of Kisses I want you in every morning Story. I want you in the evening Tales. Let me tell you reasons with flowers Excuses with hugs Laughter with kisses Tears with pleasure. I have embedded a gift with the morning It’s in the rays of the sun Go out and give yourself like I do to you Let it touch you in many places That my dear is a parcel of kisses.”

59. “The Last Light of the Day I finally see you for who you are A knight guarding my heart So it doesn’t flicker off in pain. You cover it with your affection Loving my flaws like the unforeseen night. You are a beautiful light A soldier like a candle To guide me in love You are full of love Made for me to consume and grow. I can’t stop thinking who you are A fine piece of fabric covers me like a blanket You are a shining light in my sky. Keep loving and shining with love Every morning.”

60. “I Will Always Write for You Like the flowing waters in a river Your thoughts flow in my head So I always write for you. Like the morning with its new essence, I have you always on my mind A new refreshing love we make always. I will always write for you As my soldier riding in this heart Waving the flag of emotions for love.”

61. “Tales of My Lover Months have passed Since the last time my heart found a smile It fluttered with joy to know you were mine. You made my night still with the stars of the skies. Turned my skies blue for how I live for you. I have found happiness Since our hearts found warm mornings. I found no page to hold your part To tell of how sweet you can be How it can pour on me and bring me to tears. I love how I never expected your reign Like white clouds with blue rains. My lover with my soul on its train I love us.”

62. “A Goodbeat You are everything that is made of sweetness. The color of the cloud The sound of rain. The breath of morning You are every good beat The drop of rain The one in my chest The music to my ears The ray dropping from the sun. I love how you have become such music To my ears and heart To my waiting loneliness. You have become an angel You have become such a good beat.”

63. “My Happy Feeling I love how mornings make me feel about you There is a strength that comes with it A beautiful feeling buried deep Every time you’re far, I feel closed It drives me crazier and crazier I missed you so much at night You have been an amazing feeling From the first-morning sun to its setting Making my feelings find strength in the sun’s ray. I like how you look at me How your eyes do look at my body? It stares deep into my soul. You are worth more than just smiles A complete tale you have become for me One I will never get tired of telling. I love you and how you do to me Give me more mornings with you on my mind.”

64. “Pages of Love My page of love has the morning in it Where my eyes open to the love note from you Saying how the morning stuttered to my heart With the chirping of birds to make me feel you. You will read words like strong, magnificent, soft, and boyish All these are wings of yours I saw in my man. This page of love will forever tell our tales Holding our hearts tied together to grow and be true. I love what mornings bring to our feet A reminder that we both are capable of love. Let this page forever read Throughout time till infinity of eternities.”

65. “You Are Priceless I am incomplete when you wake without me When my eyes grow weak and heart pains. I want you in every way In my dreams at night. Come to me in the morning Breathe a new day into my life. Tell me how you love me. You are a priceless star A rare beauty in the world I am glad to have found you And find happiness in your eyes. I love the guide existing in your arms. Let us be new mornings.”

66. “The Ways to Love You There are many ways to love thee, King of my heart I can show you how and where to impart So long you promise not to break me apart Start from such mornings, showing me your heart Tell me of red roses looking like me, and your thoughts I impart Show me your promise that will never break me apart. Find my eyes and smile like a light Be my sun and moon at night Show me to the world like I gave you sight And I will forever be yours, a right love. Give me your word like the sun does with light And we will make love in the mornings or night. Jealousy will be of the world, our love in plain sight Nothing will go wrong, we will love right. I will love thee and I will never lose For my heart will know of what it has to choose We will be one, in love and not one for use My heart is yours, my king, please don’t abuse it.”

67. “My Mind is for You When this morning knocked on the door of my eyes My heart smiled with a tender grin It knew the feeling was true Yesterday was no dream When you kissed me. The first thing on my mind When the dew fell was you. Your whispered name finds my busy thoughts And makes them still like water. Oh my lover, how much I want you How much of all day, I want to be with you? Tell me of roses, tell me of lilies Tell me of you playing with my body. I want you to know on a sweet morning like this My mind has not changed still thoughts of you”

68. “Mornings with My Soldier Mornings like this bring a sun to my sky It comes with love as well It brings a world where you are the knight Guiding my day from having more nights. So I won’t be lost I won’t wake to a morning of dust Covering the sheets where you should lay. While I call it a complete day. All thoughts are like a halo over my head Without you, my heart will end dead. I fear for the silhouettes of loneliness So I want you, my soldier, to help with the mess. Bring more beautiful mornings So we begin the day with a little moaning. My love for you can always surmount the night Cause you shine more than light.”

69. “Sunrise and Waking I danced with the morning sun As thoughts of you were not done. I found the rhythm of my heart Playing its beat and loving you as an art. O,h My man, protector of this beauty I love every moment of you heavily. Let our hearts always sync in mornings like this So when you are close by, we begin with a kiss. I savor your breath upon mine I tell you mornings without you are not fine. Let down your guard and enter my soul Burn with passion, light up its coal. I danced with the morning sun As thoughts of you will never be gone.”

70. “My Happiness is Handsome How am I supposed to describe happiness When you are bundle full of it? What I tell the sun every day is this “You can shine but he shines brighter” I know he stands tall in my heart growing each day as handsome as a morning. My happiness has no name It only has stories of my life growing with you and loving you. Like how I pray for each morning I tell you the burdens of loving you. My love, let our love glow.”

71. “Until the End of Time Until time finds its end I will love you from mornings. The way you swaggered into my life Bringing me hopes of love Breath of living with life looking beautiful From the whispers of the mornings To the tales told by the sun This moment made me figure out more That you were made just for me For us to love and love endlessly. Until the end of time Whether it sinks into the end My feelings will not change about you.”

72. “Tapping Sound of Love Music I hear it daily on the rooftop of my heart It has a rhythm It has a sound. I hear it in the mornings waking clouds to see the sun It does not contemplate colors It is colorless It is full of colors Or sometimes colorful. I see it in the dressing of the morning In the deep voice of your neck The one that tells stories to me. I hear it with my heart Right now in your baritone Saying “I love you”

73. “How Do I Love You? I do not know how I live I do not know exactly how to love. I only feel tingles around my throat Whenever my eyes seek you. I know mornings like this I want you I want you to do more than hold me. I know when the breeze blows I hear whispers of your name. Whenever night comes It brings the sequel to your absence I want an evening laughing at our mornings A scent of you lurking like a stench I do know that love is more than four letters Married to be said with my lips My heart always says it, especially you’re a little far. I do not know how I live I do not know exactly how to love. I only feel tingles around my throat Whenever my eyes seek you.”

74. “An Approach to your Heart Here’s me trying to find the string home On a fine flowery morning. I remember the rooftop of your feelings Calling my name up till date. I always seek your heart in these rubbles Lying at the feet of love. I always pray for warm mornings So we shine and blossom more love. Love me better, kiss my back Touch my will, fill my gut Tell my heart ‘I love you princess’ And I will be yours until time ends.”

75. “Morning Good morning my hero Did the sun startle you? Did the moon tell you of me? I was in its reflection at night I was the whisper of the wind I was the loud pain of the evening I was that setting sun I am the one you love. I come from the morning Like you are the dew. I pray for mornings So you become a sun I want more mornings So we leave till dusk.”

76. “Drop of You If there is a rain, let it be drops of your love Whenever it flows, let your love follow through If it comes with a hailstorm, let them play songs of you Whenever I hear the thunder, let it be you. If there is ever an earthquake let it be my heart feeling how you have made me feel. Whenever there’s an eclipse I pray it should be for the pain of missing you Whenever my morning comes with the sun It’s me smiling at how I feel for my King. If the rain will test my faith It will not find me wanting for loving you.”

77. “Music of the Morn I hear it every time the sun bleaches I hear it when your hands told my body stories I heard it in your breath I heard it in your words I heard it with the blooming flower I heard it right when the rains fell I heard it when the ground became soft I heard the same notes when you woke today I heard it with the jug that brings tea I heard it just now When you said I love you.”

78. “Flowering Feelings of Us Like the little seed of the night We grew into a perfect stalk Holding roots solidly in love To become a beautiful flower. I remember the morning comes so easy Waking our petals to feelings We felt it true and blue Like the clouds hanging above our heads I knew we would grow Grow into a beautiful flowering I want you to be the sand The water, to be nature Be the sun in my eyes The moon in my dark Be the air I will be And the soldier to umbrella me from trouble.”

79. “Many Days Beginning with You Many days I pray for you To have the strength to keep us Loving and hugging and loving. I want this story to never end Many days I wish for you Like hearts do with wishing stars. You rule my morning like the sun I love you at night as you are my moon. Many days I love you Like it was always the beginning Stories untold of what we make in the day. Stories beautiful of the night.”

80. “A New Day with Same Us On a cozy night, my tales will die Because my body, by yours, wants to lie For with you there are no bad dreams Only you make me sweet screams. I missed yesterday’s tales without my love My heart flaps its wings like a dove. Rain came upon my fluffy pillow And made me look through the window Maybe to find you Even by the skies blue. It is yet another newborn morning With the absence of you that comes with no warning. Today may glow as anew My love has not changed but feels renewed. A new day may come with the same sun The same smile, laughter, and maybe a different fun. You will not change not your love or my heart I will be stuck on you like a bull’s eye to a dart.”

81. “Memoir of My Man I started it like the morning On how we met by the eyes of the sun. He was so strong as though his words were from his soft lips. He told me how he can be my king In the face of any terror How he would lift my heart With fluttering butterflies He would take me to moons if he would be in me, Nights will bring only his star For my wish have finally become true. I remember this memoir On days like this When your absence is beyond understanding And the bed feels empty When I open my eyes to see I slept alone When deep down my heart, I know who you are to me And as you read this, hear it again. I LOVE YOU”

82. “If You Ever Leave Don’t you go close to the doors After opening the walls of my heart. Do not go close to the curtains And wave goodbye. If you do want to leave Make sure you soak my heart in the bowels of love Fetch out your strength and bless me with it. Look into my eyes and tell me you will return And make my bed, and sleep on my sheets. Tell me distance is just like night and morning It easily comes with moons travelling. Let me feel your love more than an absence. If you do want to leave Don’t do it on such mornings Wait until the rainbow touches my eyes Until the breeze of emotions, shake my windows Wait until the sun is not asleep Or the moon on visitation. If you do want to leave Leave, but let our love remain.”

83. “Without You Beside Me With the breaking of the day My smile births to happiness. Lying beside loneliness Touching the emptiness Until you came. I love how you have my body In your arms when I’m alone with you. Without you beside me Is a star without the moon? I cannot shine whenever it is night I need a morning so we become together. Where we can hold forth much laughter. I love how you’re by my side in the morning.”

84. “Man of My Dreams I saw a face so angelic and pure Full of light and life, Rhythm and laughter. I asked where they came from And he said, I am one for your dreams He knows how to love How to hold and kiss If I close my eyes, his body I miss I asked him, will you never be real? And he told me so, I’m only for your dreams Today I’m awake thinking of him His smooth body I want for just me His colorful lips I stare and I smile As that man from my dreams Is laying close to me Good morning to the man from my dreams.”

85. “Someone in my Dreams I had a dream once at night It came with a morning filled with love There you were holding tight my heart Seeing love in my eyes Your smile was a ruby Whenever sadness hurt me so. It’s amazing how I feel about you When I woke to find your absence. Whenever life tosses some funny stories You pop into my mind with memories of this. Living without you is not a thought For in this awful world There is no one like you.”

86. “In My Forever, You Will Be There Dear handsome, Did the night feel alone to you? Did tears find your lonely heart? Did your feet try to bring you to me? Did the star fall on the way to my heart? Did the sun stop to show you my face? Did the moon break itself to become stars? Did the rain hold back its tears of alone? Did clouds become jealous of rain? Did the wind tell you about its travels forever? Did you just smile because you know what I want to say? Did you feel it inside of you now? I just said it, I love you.”

87. “I Want to Be With You Have I made a mistake of loving you? Falling every day in your love Keep opening mornings for tales For tales to begin like how I saw you How I saw you first on that day That day my heart knew it found forever, Found happiness, found joy Found you. I want a mistake I have made to keep becoming Loving you endlessly My king and soldier The one who protects me from the hurt of the world I want you daily my dear lover.”

88. “Our Hearts Have Clenched Our hearts were made to find each other No matter the journey time tried to make. They were to travel through the thickest terror And come out with a victory of love. There were no sad days Just blisters that disappeared with the sun. The nights were to hold darkness Try to blind them from the eyes. Our hearts held tight the only thing they had The only bond they shared The only word they knew Love — A thick fat invisible roe tying both of them together A sweet dew chime falling in their ears to wake them up So when mornings like this come Mine will tell yours I still love you.”

89. “Thinking Butterflies A Myth about a Butterfly Dancing in my Stomach Started with you. I still remember that morning That beautiful one like flowers There was a scent of sweetness I perceived it when I saw you As you lifted the curtains of my loneliness. I was not sore no more I was alight with something deep down. Where did you come from? Was it from long ago? Or from some city of love? With you every morning It’s a feeling of butterflies”

90. “Sunshine with You Some things come along with beautiful sunshine, First, it is the morning with a cold dew Itching my body to find your muscles around me. Then the chirping sound of birds Reminds me of the sound of your name. The fresh wind of the morning Tells me deeply how much I crave your touch Then there is the sun Streaming its rays into my eyes so I see you Holding up the curtains in between my legs So you can come through. Some things that come with the beautiful sunshine Are not as priceless as your deep voice It is not close to your magnificent body It is not as broad to cover me as your shoulders. In all of this. You come with the beautiful sunrise in the mornings.”

91. “King of Hearts There are stars but you are the brightest You are a morning sun that warms my heart You I call my knight in the amour of shining The protector of my night like the moon. I love how you support my morning smiles Loving me exceptionally. You are the reason for the curves on my face. My clown of joy whenever sadness finds me The medication to my loneliness The cloud to my rain My love does not die like the morning dew It lives like a thousand stars in the galaxy Always and evermore shining. I will be here on the bed for your mornings Always return to me when night beckons Be my soldier and protect me always King of my heart.”

92. “You Are My Cravings Morning wouldn’t feel complete If I do not say these words Your voice in my ears become so sweet Like the note of music making melodious chords For every second of the clock traveling to its home You feel away but close in thoughts. I still remember how my heart had to roam Until you found me and brought flowers that healed a hurt. You’re my perfection, a definition of my man One I would show the world that makes me a woman. In night are dreams of me and you On walls of love so red and blue.”

93. “A Note for my Lover This is my heart poured to you this morning Listen to this note as though it was music. The rhythm played in each letter Vowels for you Consonants for me You spell adorable You are exquisite You are indescribable You are my Ocean let me sink in You are understanding And I love you, even more, my King I love you with the mornings.”

94. “Nights is Only Temporary Yes! Morningdoeso come Not with you all the time Some bring harsh memories Of my deeds in broken pots. Nights only come to go But you have come to stay Flowing like a stream of endless emotion Poured to find bedding in the ground. I love you like a King loves his crown. I love you in the sweetness of this morning. This night only comes to blanket today I will see you as always As this morning has become.”

95. “Fires of Morning Every morning I see fires of you Burning in my heart Talking to my soul Telling me you love me And weighing it to the flames of love. I want you like the bulb the sky wants day I want you to come through my curtains Feel my body like how mornings feel Let me feel your touch like the sun Touching the sweet sheets of home. Be flame, my lover Be my morning fire”

Good Morning Poems for boyfriend: Waking up to the cozy feeling of reading a sweet good morning text from her boyfriend is possibly one of the best ways in which a girl can start her day. Make your girlfriend feel loved and pampered by sending cute wishes and messages to her in the morning.

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