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225 Romantic Love Messages For Him And Her – I Love Text Messages

Here are the best romantic love messages, including love messages for him and her; perfect for love texts or sweet letters to your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Romantic love messages for him and her – I love text messages. How do you show your person that they do mean the world to you? Maybe you don’t know how to write a love letter, or put into words how your partner makes you feel. But that shouldn’t stop you from showing the love of your life how much you care. Perhaps you’re trying to write them a full love letter to celebrate an anniversary — or just because it’s been a stressful week and you want to lift their spirits. Or on the flip side, you might just want to send them a quick, goofy, lovey-dovey text to remind your special someone that you’re thinking about them while you’re apart. See more ideas quotes about love, romantic love messages, I love text messages.

Love Messages for Him and Her

#1. Since you have come into my life, every moment I live is like a moment spent in heaven. I have never felt so much alive in life. I love you!

#2. Love isn’t just appreciating each other for anything and everything. It’s about knowing what we are together and never giving up on what we dream together.

#3. I knew my feelings for you were real when I spent more time thinking about you than worrying about myself.

Romantic Love Messages For Him And Her I Love Text Messages

#4. What else can heaven offer me if I already have you in life? I don’t know if I’m dead or alive. I just know that I’m in love!

#5. Love, in this big galaxy, you are the center of my universe. This is why I will always gravitate towards you. Be mine forever, will you?

#6. Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you.

#7. You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half you mean the world to me and I love you.

#8. You’re my very first thought in the morning and my very last thought at night.

#9. I have stopped making wishes on spotting falling starsDo you know why? Because I have you and that’s all I want in my life.

#10. You are my rock, my number one, the good ending to a bad day, and the best start to a new day.

#11. I want you today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and for the rest of my life.

#12. For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy when I’m with you, it just happens.

#13. Definitions of Love: In history-War, In chemistry-a Reaction, In art-a Heart, and me-YOU.

#14. I could never say how much I like you and just how special you are to me. But I can say that my world all smiles whenever I am with you. I love you a lot.

#15. If I chose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to utter I love you.

most touching love messages for him and her

#16. All of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me. I’ll give my all to you.

#17. I believe that dreams can come true because mine did when I met you, my love. I will always love you. I swear.

#18. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person, love. May God always bless you.

#19. My life was all black and grey. You came and gave essence to my life, making it colorful and vibrant.

#20. I wonder if you know how I truly feel and how happy my heart is when we are together? I would count the ways, but I would run out of time because I am sure one lifetime wouldn’t be enough.

Love Messages for Him

#22. Love, thanks for being the rock who always has my back. May God bless us together forever.

#23. I will never forget the moment when my soul had found its eternal mate in you. Love you, sweetheart!

#24. The most beautiful addition in my life came in disguise from you. Thank you for being here with me. Please do not break my heart.

#25. The best part of my day is your smile.

romantic i love messages for him her

#26. I may not be your first love, first kiss, or first date but I just want to be your last everything.

#27. You’re the center of my fantasy because I love you way more than the sun that brightens my day and the moon that keeps the night awake.

#28. You came during the darkest days of my life I was dispirited and broken inside and when everything was but a mess, Your love shone the brightest then I started to dream of a bright future with you I love you surely do.

#29. You have this incredible way of making my heart happy.

#30. Falling in love with you was the best thing that happened to me. And I will always love you more than my life.

#31. You make everything better, and I feel relieved that I have finally found you in this lifetime.

#32. The area of sky will fall short to contain my love for you, my handsome man. I love you immeasurably.

#33. Take all my love and give me yours. At the end of the day, only this can make us survive through all evil things. Much love, handsome.

#34. Love has only 4 letters but a huge feeling behind it. I feel lucky to have you who understand my love the way I want you to. Take love.

#35. Baby, I promise you forever because I cannot live without you!

Love Messages for Her

#37. I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.

#38. If I know what love is, it is because of you. Please be with me and love me always.

#39. Darling, When I look at you, I realize how lucky I am to spend my life with you.

#40. Our relationship is meant to be: something that was written in the stars and drawn into our destiny.

romantic love messages

#41. You are sugar; you are spice. You are all things nice. No one can ever get the best partner than you. Love you, honey.

#42. Life would be utterly meaningless if you are not here with me, for me. Thank you for everything, my love.

#43. I want to explore your eyes, the curves of your face, and the pout of your lips forever. (Tell him what else you want to explore.)

#44. I’d say you’re my dream come true, but that would be an understatement. (Explain why he’s better than a “dream come true” or a “prince charming.”)

#45. How to Start Your Love Letters for Her

#46. I love who you are, I love who you were, I love who you are becoming. (Then add a sentence about her in the past, present, and future.)

#47. I get lost in your eyes, I feel safe in your touch. (Then explain how she moves each one of your senses.)

#48. You are beautiful when you wake, beautiful before your hair is brushed, beautiful at work, beautiful when you’re all dressed up, and beautiful on the couch in sweatpants. (Add examples of when her beauty mesmerizes you.)

#49. You touch every part of my life. (Name a few parts of your life that she has changed for the better.)

#50. Sweetheart, The only thing that makes me happy is your love. I am so lucky to have you beside me. I love you.

#51. You are the sunshine and rainbow. You are all the good things God has blessed this earth with. You are my love and my dearest queen.

Romantic Love Messages for Him

#53. As soon as I set my eyes on you, I knew I have found Truelove. Surely True Love Exists.

#54. I never knew how it felt to laugh stupidly at someone before I met you. Love you, dear husband.

#55. My heart had a hole in it but then you came and filled it with love unbound. I can’t think of any other person who could do such a miracle in my life.

#56. You are my dream come true, I will treasure and love you all the days of my life.

sweet romantic love messages for him and her

#57. I wish I could send you a kiss through the phone, I could do it every second.

#58. Come to my dreams if you can I’ll kiss you there.

#59. When I say that you are the love of my life, believe me, it’s trueYou are the only one in my heart.

#60. You make my heart beat faster.

#61. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

#62. I miss your handsome face already.

#63. I just felt a huge surge of love for you. You’re the best!

#64. I love you with everything that I am.

#65. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I love you a little more every single day.

#66. My love for you is too big and deep to describe.

#67. I have a section of my heart that always smiles whenever you cross my mind.

#68. Whenever you just take my hand, all the comfort in the world fills up my heart in a moment. Is it a kind of wizardry you know or is it love?

#69. No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I miss you.

#70. I know God has someone special for me, and there’s no need to search for him, for he has found me, and I have found him. I have loved you all my life!

#71. There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. Just like ours!

#72. Waking up next to you every morning and your warm fingers caressing my skin is the only thing I want for my future. Please always stay with me, Love.

Romantic Love Messages for Her

#74. I love you the way a drowning man loves air. And it would destroy me to have you just a little.

#75. I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.

#76. Cuddling with you would be perfect right now.

#77. If nothing lasts forever, can I be your nothing?

romantic loving texts for him and her that will make feel adored

#78. I couldn’t ignore you even if I wanted to.

#79. Cute, romantic text messages

#80. Thank you for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

#81. Next time I hug you, I probably won’t let go for a long time.

#82. I can’t decide if the best part of my day is waking up next to you, or going to sleep with you. Hurry home so I can compare the two again.

#83. Everyone has their motivation to get up in the morning and face the day. You are mine.

#84. They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don’t think you can miss me as much as I’m missing you right now.

#85. Our love is a mysterious bond that cannot be broken and will be ignited for eternity through all battles and struggles we may face.

#86. Angel, you are the reason behind my every smile, every happiness, every peace. You are the most precious person in my life and I love you!

#87. Since I first saw you, my heart stopped, and birds were flying around my heart. Only you were on my heart and still are. So, baby “I love you”.

Short Love Text for Him

#89. Every moment spent with you is like the jewels from treasure island. You are my precious bean, king.

#90. With your randomness, you make my heart melt every freaking time.

#91. Come to my dreams if you can. I’ll kiss you there.

#92. Tonight I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart.

love text messages for him and her

#93. You will be the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and the first thing I remember when I wake up.

#94. Every day I spend with you is the best day of my life. Can’t wait for the morning. Good night.

#95. My days are worth it if I can end them with you by my side. Good night.

#96. Sleeping is impossible when all I can think about is you. Good night!

#97. The brightest thing in this world are your eyes when you look at me. I don’t want to see stars, but your eyes. Have a good night.

#98. Before I fall asleep, I always picture what it would feel like to fall asleep in your arms. It’s the best feeling in the world.

#99. You are my dream that came true. I will always fancy you.

#100. Putting my head on your shoulder makes all my worries go away.

#101. You are my home and my peace. Thanks for existing, darling.

#102. I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn.

Short Love Text for Her

#104. The more time I spend with you, the more I fall in love.

#105. Thanks for teaching me what true love feels like. I love you!

#106. I love you so much it hurts.

#107. I never knew I could love anyone this much.

heart touching love messages for him and her

#108. I can’t believe how happy you make me. Just thinking about you puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so good…So fortunate.

#109. Thanks for being an amazing partner.

#110. I can’t wait to see you again. Every moment I spend with you is my favorite.

#111. I am so proud of you and proud to be your girlfriend.

#112. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m going to keep telling you that every day.

#113. I adore you. I can’t believe I get to be with you on this adventure together.

#114. Being in love with you is the best feeling in the entire world.

#115. You brighten up my life and revive my soul.

#116. I love you both for what you are and what I’m when I’m with you.

#117. One of the greatest joys in my life is making you smile.

Sweet Love Messages for Him

#119. You are muscular and spectacular. Two things I love the most. So glad that you are my man. Love you.

#120. You are my one in a million, darling. I hope always to make you smile as you make me with your goofy jokes.

#121. I don’t know how I should feel really. Having a handsome boyfriend like you is a blessing and headache at the same time.

#122. You make my soul sing.

love messages for him and her i love text messages 1


#123. I can’t wait to get up every morning to spend another day as your wife!

#124. Did you find the perfect loving you message to send your man?

#125. I have loved you since the beginning of time, and I will love you even when our memories of each other are erased from the face of the Earth.

#126. Love is the air I breathe. Without you, my darling, I wouldn’t be alive, because you have a piece of my heart, and that’s why I need you by my side so much.

#127. I may not have been your first crush, first kiss, or first love—I just want to be your last everything.

#128. Even the littlest moments with you are monumental to me.

#129. I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you! I love you lots!

#130. I’m in love with you… I’m not sure when it happened. Everything I know is you are the finest thing that has ever happened to me.

#131. Love, emotions, the happiness I get to experience all of it, thanks to you. I am proud to have such a reliable partner. I love you more than anything.

Sweet Love Messages for Her

#133. I had no plans of falling in love with you but now that I have, I plan to stay in love with you forever.

#134. I know I am in love with you because I see the world in your eyes and your eyes everywhere in the world.

#135. It’s just you and me against the world I love you!

#136. I am so in love with you that sometimes I still pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream.

#137. Look into my heart and feel what I am saying, for my heart speaks the truth and the truth is I love you.

heart touching love messages and love quotes for him for her

#138. I love you nothing and nobody—not even time—will ever change that.

#139. Being with you is the best thing that’s ever happened to meI love you.

#140. I can’t think of a moment without you my love. Every day I keep falling on your charms. Days have become tough without you around me.

#141. If your heart is a prison, bless me with a life sentence to be there. I swear prison break is not my favorite tv series.

#142. Addiction is an example of what I feel about you. I need to see your pretty face all the time. I am addicted to you baby!

#143. Dear love, your presence, and love make me whole. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Lots of hugs and kisses.

#144. Your eyes light up my world, your smile melts my heart, and your love fills my soul. Love you forever.

Short Love Quotes and Cute Love Quotes

#146. We fit together in ways that others cannot see our hearts united in perfect symmetry I don’t understand it, this beautiful mystery – but I” ll never take you for granted the gift you are to me – John Mark Green

#147. A sky full of stars and he was staring at her – Atticus

#148. If you want to run to a quiet place at the end of this world, just run with me – Alexandra Vasiliu

#149. “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

deeply romantic love messages for him and her

#150. “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

#151. “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” ― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

#152. “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them even though they’re not.” ― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

#153. “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” ― Robert Fulghum, True Love

#154. “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever.” ― Alfred Tennyson

#155. “Always,” said Snape. ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, and the Deathly Hallows

#156. “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

#157. “You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

#158. “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more” ― Angelita Lim

#159. “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” ― Unknown

#160. “Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” ― A.A. Milne

#161. “How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet

#162. “You don’t spell it… you feel it.” – Pooh” ― A.A. Milne

#163. “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day.” ― A.A. Milne

#164. My love, meet me where the falling stars liveI will wait for your day and night – Alexandra Vasiliu

#165. You never fail to amaze me every day there is something new that makes me love you even more than the day before.

#166. “Do I love you? My god, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.” — William Goldman

#167. “If I know what love is, it is because of you.”— Herman Hesse

#168. kiss me and I’ll serenade you among the stars give me your love and I will pluck each star to set at your feet.

#169. “To love is nothing to be loved is love and be loved is everything.” — Bill Russel

Sweet romantic Love Poems for Her & Him

#171. “And in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars.”— Across the Universe

#172. “We are made of particles that existed since the moment the universe began to like to think those atoms traveled billion years through time and space to create us so that we could be together and make each other whole.” – The Big Bang Theory

#173. “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” ― John Green

#174. “If my love were an ocean, there would be no more and my love were a desert, you would see only send my love were a star–late at night, only lighting if my love could grow wings, I’d be soaring in flight.”— Jay Asher

#175. Your image is always in my mind, I can always hear my heart whispering your name and I can always see your face when I close my face, how beautiful you love you.

#176. The only thing I need in life is to see you smile; you are the queen of my heart. I love you.

#177. I wish you two things: everything and nothing. Everything that makes you happy and nothing that makes you suffer! I love you!

#178. It’s good to know that when I go back home, you will be there, smiling and waiting for me. I think of you all day long and I don’t know what I would do without you.

#179. You feed my heart and my soul with your love. I love you more than anything in this world!

#180. I love you so much that I’m going crazy I can’t stop thinking and dreaming about you only it makes me feel alive and gives my life meaning.

#181. You can keep my heart but bring me back to life with your kisses miss you!

#182. Excuse me, I just want to tell you that I want to protect you, steal your smiles, stop your tears and wake up by your side you are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.

#183. You’ve given my life meaning.

#184. I could never thank you enough for making me a husband and father.

#185. Thank you for saying yes.

#186. I just want you to put your hand on my face and tell me you love me.

#187. You’re always beautiful to me, even when you don’t feel like you are.

#188. Every day I discover more things I love about you.

#189. Even after all these years, you’re still the only one I want.

#190. The only thing I admire more than your beauty is your humbleness when someone notices it.

#191. I feel like a king because I have you as my queen.

#192. The only time I stupidly smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you.

#193. I might run out of text messages to send you, and I might run out of jokes too My phone might run out of battery, but my heart will never run out of space for you.

#194. “I want you All of you Your flawsYour mistakes Your imperfections I want you, and only you.” – John Legend


Deep Love Messages For Her & Him

#196. I’ve compiled a list of cute texts to send to your husband, romantic loving texts for hubby, and generally just some things to say to your husband to make him smile.

#197. I would marry you all over again, just so you know.

#198. You still give me butterflies?

#199. Thank you for all that you do for our family. You are the best husband and partner I could ever ask for.

#200. No one ever told me that love would be this good. It’s amazing And it’s all because of you.

#201. Watching you play with our children makes me love you more than I ever thought possible.

#202. I’m so happy to be sharing this life with you.

#203. Just wanted to let you know that I will never stop loving you.

#204. I need you, and I always will.

#205. Grow old with me, for the best is yet to be.

#206. Seeing your face is the fastest way to put a smile on mine.

#207. Kissing you is my favorite thing to do.

#208. I love how you always can make me laugh.

#209. I might run out of text messages to send you, and I might run out of jokes too. My phone might run out of battery, but my heart will never run out of space for you.

#210. You are my dream come true. I will treasure and love you all the days of my life.

#211. Stop looking so hot in the pics you post! You’re killing me over here!

#212. It’s not that I love you for allowing me to be me. I love you because you encourage it.

#213. I love you so much that if I had to choose between you and chocolate, I’d choose you.

#214. Never forget that I love you for exactly who you are, and I’m with you every step of the way to becoming who you’re going to be.


Romantic Long Love Messages for Him or Her

#216. I love you and I wish there is a way you could just see into my soul and find the depth of passion, tenderness, and love that holds you close to my heart than anyone or anything else.

#217. My life is beautiful because you are you who is my distraction, taking me out of the dark and loving the light in my bones.

#218. Let’s face it… most women are natural-born romantics And as such, they have a strong innate fondness for sweet messages that make them feel loved You can do just that with any of the great love messages below.

#219. If I were to write about all the reasons that I am grateful for you on a little piece of paper, they would fill up an entire room You are amazing, and I am so blessed to have you in my life Thank you for everything you are.

#220. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up every day to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.

#221. End any day on a high note with the following romantic good night love messages! Perfect in text, email, DM, or even a secret note, these messages will practically ensure whoever receives them will be left dreaming of you.

#222. Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile thinking of you makes me smile with you is the best thing ever and loving you is what I’ll do forever.

#223. When I first set my eyes on you, I craved your touch and attention, but I never thought you would end up transforming my life this much you drastically moved from stranger to a lover and now to someone I can’t live without I love you.

#224. I love you with a deeper love than any human heart has ever known to love you with a soul that has lived a thousand lifetimes, always waiting to meet you again, so I can promise to be yours forever.

#225. If you’re asking if I need you, then the answer is forever if you’re asking if I’ll ever leave you, the answer is never if you’re asking what I value, the answer is youIf you’re asking do I love you, the answer is yes I do, I do very much.

Whether you’re celebrating a particular occasion or simply reminding her that she’s special, these romantic love messages for her are sure to bring a smile to her face! If I could give you one thing in life, I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me. If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again.

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