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Sad Love Quotes

105 Sad Love Quotes About Life To Beat Sadness

These sad quotes on love, life, heartbreak, and pain can help you feel less alone. Sad Quotes. Looking for the best sad love quotes to get you through a break up or rejection? This collection of sad quotes on love and life will uplift your spirit. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Sad Quotes for her “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” Sad Love Quotes for him “I will wait for you till the day I can forget you or till the day you realize you cannot forget me. It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can’t live without you. The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.”

Sad Quotes That Will Get You Through Your Toughest Days. Looking for famous quotes on lifelove, coldness, depression, happiness, lifesadsadness, sorrow and sadness? Don’t lose sight of your purpose, allow these great quotes about life to show you just how precious our time on this earth really is. Check out these 105 sad quotes from leaders, visionaries, and celebrities to get inspired today!

Sad Love Quotes About Life To Beat Sadness
Sad Love Quotes About Life To Beat Sadness

Sad Love Quotes

Read some quotes about sadness to help you process your emotions and regain … your sadness may spread over your life, like smoke from an enormous fire. If you’re feeling sad and broken, these sad love quotes and heartbroken quotes will comfort you and help ease your pain. Don’t forget! You are not alone.

1. “I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.”

2. “Why do you keep me around but never let anything happen between us? Will it always be like this? And will I always be too in love to say anything?”

3. “I can forgive you… No beef, animosity, or catch to it. But just because all is forgiven doesn’t mean I have to let you back in. I don’t hold grudges, I believe everybody deserves forgiveness, I’m just smart enough to know that not everybody deserves another chance. It’s still loved… it’s just from a distance now!”

4. “I just wanna lay next to you and listen to the beat of your heart I just wanna close my eyes and fall asleep in your arms I just wanna feel you and just forget the world”

5. “How do you get over someone who was never yours? Who do you blame when you’ve broken your own heart?”

6. “Don’t ever play with someone else’s feeling if you don’t feel the same way. Don’t you ever give them false hope? Don’t ruin it just coz your hope was ruined by someone else. It’s not fair.”

7. “I love everything about you, except the fact you’re not with me.”

sad love quotes Sad Quotes
sad love quotes – Sad Quotes

8. “I need to stop thinking about you because I know you’re not thinking about me.”

9. “Most of the pain you’re dealing with are really just thoughts… ever think of that?”

10. “I’m stuck between loving you and hating you. I don’t know what to do. It would hurt to live without you, but it hurts living with you too.”

11. “I hate that I’m still hoping.”

12. “We live in a world so fake I lost touch of the real me”

13. “I loved you. Even when you gave me every reason in the world not to. I loved you. And you can pick our relationship apart, critique the ‘and’s and if’s’ for eternity… But you can’t change the one thing that mattered. I loved you. Deal with that… for the rest of your life, deal with the fact you destroyed a love that was bigger and deeper than anything you were able to handle. I loved you.”

14. “When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you. No excuses. No lies. And no broken promises.”

15. “I had a lot of reasons to give up on you. But I still chose to stay. You had a lot of reasons to stay. But you chose to give up.”

16. “He’s going to be sorry he lost you, so stop worrying. Forget the past, forget the pain and remember what an incredible woman you are.”

17. “Silence is a woman’s loudest cry. If she is speechless, her heart is too tired for words.”

Sad Quotes for her life
sad quotes for her and sad life

18. “Being kissed while you’re asleep is one of the purest forms of love.”

19. “When I look in the mirror, I know I’m looking at someone who isn’t sure she deserves to be loved at all.”

20. “I knew you were going to break my heart but a part of me really hoped you wouldn’t.”

21. “Love the difference between ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m in love with you’”

22. “My mistake? Not listening to that little voice inside me screaming ‘he’s not even fucking worth it’.”

23. “I try to make people feel loved and wanted because I know what it’s like to not feel loved and wanted.”

24. “The snow outside is pretty; delicate and soft but so bitter and cold. You remind me of the snow.”

25. “Sometimes it doesn’t work out with someone because they’re a piece of shit who deserves a piece of shit and you’re not a piece of shit”

26. “I think the greatest thing you ever taught me, is that you can give so much of yourself to someone, and it still won’t be enough. And I am sorry, that I was not enough.”

27. “I’m trying to get over you, I’m trying so goddamned hard. And some mornings I wake up and think, yes maybe I finally am free. Free from my echoing thoughts of you. Free from the constant battle of loving you and losing you. But then other mornings I wake up and all I can think about is how your eyes look with sunlight in them and how your face looks just before you break into a smile. Maybe we aren’t meant to be together, maybe not now, maybe not ever. And I don’t wanna have a single grain of hope, because blessed are those with no expectations. But sometimes I think against my own will that what if we break all the laws? Maybe we’ll forget each other soon but what if we meet again someday in the future, and in one look we’ll feel the ache in our hearts of our incomplete love, and maybe then I’ll be right for you, and you’ll be right for me? Maybe we are meant to be together, maybe not now, but maybe someday.”

28. “You deserve an amazing man award.”

29. “Maybe it’s not about happy ending maybe it’s about the story.”

30. “It hurts when you’re being ignored by the person whose attention is the only thing you want in the world.”

31. “There are many things that I would like to say to you. But I don’t know how”

32. “You think you “played” me but, who ended up losing? I mean what did I lose? A boy that didn’t appreciate what I did for him? What did you let go? A girl that would go out her way just to please you and someone that rode with you through thick and thin. A girl who loved you regardless of your flaws (trust me there was a lot). You can easily be replaced, but a girl like me? Good luck finding a girl who put up with you as I did. Sorry, you played your damn self.”

Sad Quotes About Love

Sad Love Sayings and QuotesLove lies in those unsent drafts in your mailbox. I will wait for you till the day I can forget you or till the day you realize you cannot forget me. There is a distinct, awful pain that comes with loving someone more than they love you.

33. “She was a giver. Always poured, too much of love. Never realized watering a rock doesn’t make it soft.”

34. “Until a man heals himself, he’ll be toxic to every woman who tries to love him.”

35. “How can I forget everything? How can I sit here and act like we never happened? The things we said, did and went through. You had me dreaming for a month! You were my first kiss, my first love, you were all I had, now our memories are just kept in a little memory box. All the phone calls and messages. They had to mean something at one point and it hurts too much to let it all go. I can’t just pretend it never happened. All those weeks we kept each other happier than any other person in each other’s lives. It’s not right, I can’t throw away memories, it was supposed to be like this. People just tell me to let go and not look back and say that I don’t need you. But I do, well I did, you were all I needed and nobody else mattered to me as much as you did. I didn’t want anybody else I wanted you! I don’t wanna be making memories with someone else. I want to keep making memories with you but now I can’t… it’s hard to say goodbye to someone like you.”

36. “He was never mine, but losing him broke my heart.”

Sad Love Quotes for him Sad quotes about life
Sad Love Quotes for him and Sad quotes about life

37. “One night a guy and a girl were driving home from the movies. The boy sensed there was something wrong because of the painful silence they shared between them that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over because she wanted to talk. She told him that her feelings had changed and that it was time to move on. A silent tear slid down his cheek as he slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note. At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down that very same street. He swerved right into the driver’s seat, killing the boy miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she pulled it out & read it. “Without your love, I would die.”

38. “I hate you for giving up on me. I hate you for giving up on us. I hate you for hurting me. I hate you for making me cry. I hate you for leaving me. I hate you for not being there when I needed you the most. I hate you for what you’ve done. I hate you for ruining everything we had. I hate you for making me trust you when you were just gonna break that trust. I hate you for making me love you so much. Mostly, I hate you for making me a fool because I still love you despite everything you put me through.”

39. “Love is not something you go out and look for. Love finds you, and when it does, ready or not, it’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you.”

40. “Because nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me sadder than you”

41. “Signs you’re falling in love: – You’ll read his texts over and over- -You walk really slow when you’re with him- – You pretend to be shy when you’re with him- – While thinking about him. Your heart beats faster- – By listening to his voice, you’ll smile for no reason- – While looking at him, you can’t see anyone else- – You start listening to slow songs- – He becomes all you think about- – You get high off of his smell- – You realize you’re always smiling when you think of him- -Even though there was no specific name mentioned, you were thinking about him as you read this-”

42. “One day, you’ll remember the girl who loved you so much that she forgot to love herself. You’ll remember her when you wake up when you eat, when you’re about to sleep. She will be your greatest nightmare. You will be the one crying, and she will be the one happy with someone else. One day, you’ll regret losing her. You lost the girl who did everything for you. You lost the girl who was always there for you when no one else is. You lost here because of your ego. You lost the girl who stayed by your side even if you threw harsh words to her. You lost the girl who tried to understand you when she needed you and you were not there. One day, you’ll realize that she was the one for you. The girl who stood by your side even if you don’t appreciate her. The girl you chose to let go because you’re full of pride. One day you’ll realize that the girl you screwed up and left for another girl, was the girl who kept on fighting and defending you when she hears gossips about you. One day, you’ll see her happy and contented with the life she has when you left her. She will thank you for letting her go and for making her realize she is worth something so much better, that there is someone out there who is willing to do everything for her. She will look into your eyes with no feelings for you at all. One day, when you see her, you will feel like you’ve been stabbed in your heart a million times for giving up on her. And when that day comes, no matter what you do, no matter what you say to her, it will not make sense because she was already done spending years of her life trying to make you love her as she loved you…. But you didn’t.”

43. “Dear heart, please stop falling for people that don’t deserve you.”

44. “You don’t realize how much my heart beats just thinking about you.”

45. “God damn do I still love him. And fuck does it hurt. You will always love her, she will always have a spot in your heart, and you will always miss her at times. But you have to know you did everything you could. It’s gonna break you, and it’s gonna keep breaking you for a while. But you’ll heal, and it gets easier every day. You’re gonna feel like you’re dying at times, some days are gonna be harder than others but you’ll get by. Because with each day you’ll realize how much better off you are with you them. You realize how much happier you feel, you’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders. The anxiety you get thinking about them, itll go away. But trust me, don’t try to keep the communication going, it only keeps the wound open.”

46. “Are you single? “No” Committed? “No” Then? “I’m in a spot where I’m out of the relationship but still in love with someone”.”

47. “Some people suddenly change, one day you re important, next day you’re worthless.”

48. “Nothing hurts more than seeing the person you love with someone else.”

sad love quotes and heartbroken quotes
sad love quotes and heartbroken quotes

49. “If they can watch you break down and cry from their actions once and not change their ways after that, nothing will ever make them change and they can’t possibly love you. No one can hurt the person they love knowingly and not make some changes after that, so now you know, if they hurt you and didn’t immediately start making changes you can see and feel. That’s not loving, it’s narcissism..”

50. “Promise me, that’s all I want. Just a promise that you will never forget me. Tell me I changed you somehow. Let me know that I had an impact on your life. Promise me that you will always remember me. Losing you was hard enough, but I don’t want to go on knowing I meant absolutely nothing to you.”

51. “Loneliness does not come from having no people around one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”

52. “He saw you. He met you. He wanted you. He liked you. He chased you. He got you. He had you. He got bored. And he left.”

53. “The worst feeling is when you don’t want to give up on someone but you know you have to”

54. “I want to say I miss you. But it wouldn’t change anything so I’ll just keep on pretending I don’t.”

55. Quotes About Heartbreak “I am in need of a hug. But from not just anyone, I want one from you.”

56. “You are my good days, the entire reason why I have a good life.”

57. “I just wish I could lose these feelings as fast as I lost you.”

58. “Can I ask you one last simple question… What was I to you?”

59. “When a man hates himself, he takes it out on the woman who loves him. Always remember this.”

60. “Hi. I think I like it. (Oh, how I wish I had the guts to tell you this)”

Heartbroken Quotes

Heart Touching Broken Heart Quotes. Following are popular broken heart quotes and sayings with images. We’ve compiled a list of the best 105 quotes about being heartbroken.

61. “It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you still love them with every broken piece of it”

62. “You will always be my first love. Not like the first guy I liked, or the one who took my breath away, or the first kiss, but my first strong feeling. I knew from the moment I first saw you that my heart would belong to you. You got the best of me, I will never regret loving you. Even if we can’t be together I will love you in this life and in another one”

63. “I really can’t picture anyone having a crush on me. I can’t picture someone thinking about me before they fall asleep, I can’t picture anyone getting butterflies because I said to them, or even just smiled at them. I can’t picture someone smiling at the computer screen or their cell phones when we’re talking. I mean like… Why would they even do that? I’m just me. Nothing extraordinary, or special.”

64. “I don’t see you in my dreams anymore.”

65. “You forgive people simply because you still want them in your life.”

heart touching broken heart quotes
heart touching broken heart quotes

66. “I’m trying to forget you but I’m also waiting for you to come back.”

67. “Detachment is not the absence of love but the ability to take care of yourself in the midst of someone else’s choices.”

68. “If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me.”

69. “You give me feelings I can’t explain.”

70. “I can’t control my feelings, but I hate how my feeling s can control me.”

71. “If I treated you, the way you treated me. You would hate me.”

72. “You will search for me in another person… I promise – and you will never find me.”

73. “I tried to forget you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you”

74. “You promised. You gave me your word. You filled me with hope and security. You told me the things I needed to hear to take the chance and make the jump with you. You made me feel like I was worth it, I was who you wanted. But you shattered that all quite well. You couldn’t take it anymore. You turned around and left me falling without you. You promised me you wouldn’t. But you did. You left me. And you gave up on us.”

75. “I think there is such thing as being too good at “letting go”… I used to take pride in that “everybody’s disposable” mindset, I was proud of my ability to cut people off and not look back. We try to erase the history, we try to act like what hurt us didn’t really affect us, but denial never helps us get better… Every time we run from work we basically decided that we’re okay with settling for less… And in mastering “letting go”, we’re supposed to be learning how to let go of toxic ppl not losing faith in good ones… But in all honesty, all any of us really learn how to do becomes better quitters. What we call letting go = Avoiding work… We’ll give everything we have to one bad situation, it’ll fall apart and we won’t just learn and let that one go, we’ll learn to shutdown… Suddenly the walls we built to protect us are doing more hurting than helping, they end up constricting our growth and blocking our healing… Don’t let the BS you had in the past overcrowd the possibilities of the present and have you overcomplicating things in the future… We love to create detours before we even start the journey… Over-thinking it has us missing out…”

76. “It’s ironic how our hearts can still get hurt by something we’ve seen coming.”

77. “Listen I’m not saying be perfect, because I’m the epitome of flawed. I’m not saying be an angel, because I have my demons. What I am saying is be you. Show me the sincerest, most genuine version of you, and let me take that for what it is. I’m not asking for a forever kind of thing today, I understand that takes time. I just want to smile without feeling like it’s too good to be true… To laugh without wondering when you’ll start playing games… To date without feeling like I’m dumb for still trying to get it right. All I expect you to be is memorable, but for the right reasons. Let’s build something worth looking forward to… Just don’t do it with lies. Be who you say you are so consistently that I can’t doubt you.”

78. “Who do you turn to when the only person in the world that can stop you from crying, is exactly the one making you cry”

79. “I lost something, I never had. Yet it hurts, just as bad.”

80. “Just because you fall out of love or you guys aren’t getting along as you used to that doesn’t mean the relationship is “over”. It means that things are “changing”. You can create a new spark, new adventure and new thrill with the same old person. Stick to your commitments and rebuild.”

81. “I hate that I’m still hoping.”

82. “Let’s get drunk and tell each other everything were afraid to say sober”

83. “Your arms around me felt like home. I’m homesick.”

84. “We started with a simple hello but ended with a complicated goodbye.”

85. “I’ll get over you” not tonight nor tomorrow, maybe someday.”

86. “Even if in the back of your mind you know things aren’t going to work out or last forever, there’s always that little glimmer of hope that maybe things will work out and that’s what screws you over. It’s hard for me to know that you aren’t going to be in my future. I’m not going to know what’s going on in your life or hear about how your day was. Like when we first met, I never thought about the future. I never thought that one day we wouldn’t be in each other’s lives. I guess that’s part of being really young; you don’t think about tomorrow. I was so used to having you around that I just assumed it would always be that way. Sometimes things don’t work out. I don’t think it’s either of our faults. We’re growing up. I get that. I’m really just thankful I had you in my life for as long as I did, and I realize the time comes when you have to let go.”

87. “A person that truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.”

88. “The best thing about me… I’m a limited edition. There are no other copies! Bet you’re thinking thank the good lord!”

89. “All I want to do right now is cry and scream and let it all out because it’s killing me inside.”

Sad Quotes About Life

You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the most sad, confused time of your life. Read some sad quotes about life to help you process your emotions and regain … your sadness may spread over your life, like smoke from an enormous fire.

90. “I hate when you are finally over a crush and never give a single thought of them because they broke your heart in the past, but then they text you and act like nothing changed and those feelings flood back. I hate it when you fall back in love with a guy only get hurt even worse than last time when they promised things were gonna be different. I hate it when you forgive him and he goes on with his life thinking you are happy and are over it even when you still cry every night because he never texted back asking I hate how every time I see him with that new girl of him I think of what we used to be and how heartbreaking that is, that he is treating this girl better than he treated you. I hate it that I still love him”

91. “I’m still convinced the rest of my life looks like you.”

92. “It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.”

sad love sayings and quotes
sad love sayings and quotes

93. “You were never supposed to mean this much to me; I was never supposed to fall so hard. But you know what? I did and that’s the truth, that’s what keeps me holding on because it hurts like hell to let you go.”

94. “Most relationships fail because one person was being loved too much and the other wasn’t being loved enough.”

95. “All relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there.”

96. “The truth is if I could be with anyone. It’d still be you.”

97. “Dying to know. Afraid to find out.”

98. “I prefer a kiss from you than a hundred from different lips. (Prefiero un beso tuyo, que cien de distintos labios.)”

99. “I love it when you look at me and smile”

100. “I’m not that pretty. I’m not smart. I’m clumsy and messy and I’m sure there are tones of girls better than me, but I like you and I just can’t shake you out of my head.”

101. “I fell in love with the way you made me feel before I fell in love with those eyes.”

102. “I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief.”

103. “I’m caught between wanting this to be over and wishing we could go back.”

104. “The hardest thing I’ll ever do is walk away still loving you.”

105. “Can’t you see the way her eyes light up when she sees you?”

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sad pictures sad love quotes
sad pictures – sad love quotes

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