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11 Things You Should Never Buy at a Thrift Store

Thrift store visiting, shopping is a great way to spend a weekend and buy high-end clothing and accessories well below retail prices.

Before you take a trip to the second-hand store, read up on the items that you should avoid at all costs. We give you a list of things you should NEVER buy at thrift stores. unless you want to bring home bacteria.

How here’s a thrifting guide to things you should NEVER buy at thrift stores.


Mattresses Thrift Store
Mattresses – Thrift Store

Would you consider buying a new mattress at a thrift store? buying a mattress at a thrift store is a terrible idea. You should NEVER buy at thrift stores.

“Think of it like a sponge: Over time, it’s so contaminated you need a new one.”


Shoes Thrift Store
Shoes – Thrift Store

One more reason to thrift shoes: you can save a ton of money! All shoes have germs, even new ones. Yes, used shoes do have more bacteria on them than new ones.

If you buy shoes secondhand, you could be exposing yourself to any fungus or other bacteria.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals Thrift Store
Stuffed animals – Thrift Store

Stuffed toys are they’re adorable, loved one of our kids, the animal / cartoon character-shaped dolls that stuffed with cotton or any similar soft material from the inside.

“Germs, odors, bed bugs, mold, and allergens can all be lingering inside that cute stuffed animals toys.”


Electronics Thrift Store
Electronics – Thrift Store

It’s best to avoid thrift-store electronics when possible. Cords could be frayed or internal wiring might be degraded, leading to safety problems when you plug it in.

“If the store does not offer the ability to test an electronic DON’T BUY it.”

Small appliances

Small appliances Thrift Store
Small appliances – Thrift Store

Thrift stores sometimes sell hardy used tools for cheap, small appliances can be hit or a miss depending on the item.

You can’t be sure that small kitchen appliances will actually work as expected when you buy them at a thrift store.


Vacuums Thrift Store
Vacuums – Thrift Store

If you decide to purchase your vacuum cleaner at a thrift store, you’re asking for trouble. Vacuum cleaners tend not to hold up for very long, according to Consumer Reports.

“Buying a vacuum cleaner from the thrift store is a big gamble.”


Makeup Thrift Store
Makeup – Thrift Store

Sharing makeup isn’t recommended. Sure, we all do it, but sharing makeup with strangers is a big no-no. You don’t know what kind of bacteria is in there. Also, even if the makeup is unused, these products have an expiration date, so it’s best to buy new.

“a multi-drug-resistant gram-negative bacteria that can lead to death.”


Underwear Thrift Store
Underwear – Thrift Store

There is absolutely not a single reason in the world to purchase used underwear, much less at a thrift store.

The risk you take when buying used underwear is honestly just your comfort level in wearing them once they are washed.


Wigs Thrift Store
Wigs – Thrift Store

If you’re going to buy a nice wig it’s going to cost you. Whenever you can buy a secondhand wig for your less amount, but it’s not recommended to expose you to an infestation.

Like anything that sits on your head, used wigs are often crawling with germs


Bedding Thrift Store
Bedding – Thrift Store

What are your thoughts on getting bedding from thrift stores in general?

Always, Used bed sheets can be washed in hot water to rid of germs, but that won’t kill bed bugs, it’s better to spend some extra cash to purchase fresh ones.


Food Thrift Store
Food – Thrift Store

You Should Never Buy at a Thrift Store. No matter and never use crystal to store food or drinks over a long period of time.

a risk you want to take, especially when it comes to things you’ll be eating off of.

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