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60 Trust No One Quotes and Sayings

Trust No One Quotes and Sayings are a collection of quotes and sayings that emphasize the importance of trusting oneself and not relying on others. Sometimes trusting too much can harm you in ways you never thought about.

That is why you should always depend on yourself and only on yourself. Following are some quotes and saying about trusting no one but yourself. I hope you like them.

Trust No One Quotes and Sayings

Trust Yourself:

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to trust yourself rather than trusting others. Trusting others can end up in great loss and greater regret and on the other hand trusting yourself is safer and comforting. Following are some quotes about trusting yourself.

1. Only she who trusts nothing can know real peace.

2. This was the ultimate leap of faith, in a way: I could hardly trust anyone, so I had to trust everyone.

3. I didn’t trust anyone but myself.

4. People want others to trust them, yet they have no single trust for themselves

5. Letting down someone who trusts you is worse than letting down someone who loves you

6. A healthy skepticism about everyone is a good way to protect yourself from emotional and financial ruin

7. As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live

8. Trust is like a vase, once it’s broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be the same again

Best trust no one quotes ideas

9. Trust is the glue of life.

10. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair

11. Trust is the most essential ingredient in effective communication

12. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters

13. Be your strength. Trust yourself and be proud of yourself. Trusting others is not an option at all.

14. A person who trusts himself and depends on himself has true happiness. That person does not need anyone else’s approval to be happy or to feel confident in his skin.

15. You might not be sure about whom to trust but you should always be sure to trust yourself.

16. Sometimes the best you can do for yourself is to keep your problems to yourself because sometimes they won’t understand you, every person has a different mindset. And you are the only person who knows what you are feeling, no one can put themselves in your shoes, no matter how hard they try.

17. Relying on others is a weak act. Be independent, be strong. And you know what? Sometimes being alone can be your strength, sometimes not having an army beside you is better than having an army of hypocrites who can deceive you at any point.

Inspiring Trust No One Quotes Uncover the Truth

18. When life gets hard and people leave, that is when you know that you have trusted the wrong people, and there is no way to tell if there is any right person there to trust and that is when you realize maybe you should have trusted only and only yourself and no one else.

19. Never trust a soul but yours. It is safe and comforting.

20. Trusting yourself is like depositing your money in the safest bank in the world, where no one can steal it, where no one can harm it and you will never be worried about it.

21. If you want to help yourself, trust yourself. Not because people are not trustworthy it is because you are more trustworthy than any other person out there.

22. The only way to boost your confidence and believe in your actions is to trust yourself, not others. People often get hurt when they trust others, so trust no one. Sometimes it is for your good.

23. Is it not better to be alone but to be complete, be whole, and be unhurt?

24. Trust is not something you can buy or claim for yourself. So my trust is not here for sale, either I do it or I don’t. And I have learned my lesson and the only person I trust now is me and that is enough.

25. “Don’t trust people who tell you other people’s secrets.” — Dan Howell

Key to Success:

Depending on others and trusting others will not get you anywhere. People do not want you to be successful, all they want for you is to be below them and that is why you should always trust yourself. Following are some quotes about how trusting no one is one of the many keys to success.

26. “The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” — Stephen King

27. Trust no one except those who stick by your side through thick and thin, those who stay there when others leave you with your hardships, those who accept you the way you are, and those who appreciate you and want to be with you.

28. Trusting others too much is like giving control. And that my friend will never get you anywhere near your goals.

29. Success can make people jealous; a jealous person can do anything to make them feel better than you, to satisfy them. So be careful to give your trust to anyone.

Most Popular Trust No One Quotes

30. Sometimes we forget that to go up we have to be down and people want us to stay there, that is why trusting them and depending on them is the most idiotic act you can do.

31. Sometimes it is hard for us to realize that when there are more people to stand with you there are more chances of misleading and a bigger risk of failure. More men’s power does not necessarily mean success, sometimes that power can be used against you as well.

32. Never trust a person who says he’s happy for you when you succeed. Those who will be happy won’t have to say it in words.

33. Life teaches you the best lessons. And for me, it is to never trust anyone ever again.

34. Do not trust someone who thinks he is better than you. Trusting them pretty much means depending on them and those who think they are better than you will never accept even the possibility of you being better, they will always push you back and shove you off the ground.

35. Be picky while trusting people, only trust those who seem trustworthy and if no one seems trustworthy then trust no one.

36. Sometimes trusting people is like a gamble, you never know who is true to you.

37. Do not trust anyone, do not depend on anyone. Not because people are unworthy, but because you are the only person who wants your best, no other person can be invested in you like you are. You are the only helping hand you need.

38. Trusting no one does not mean being alone. It means being strong. You can be around people, and be friends with them. Just do not reveal too much, it will only come back in the form of hurt.

39. People need to understand that revealing secrets does not mean trusting others even though it is true that we only reveal our secrets to those whom we trust.

40. It is not wrong of me to say that trusting no one is the only option you have. 80% of the people you have in your life are fake and the other 20% do not even care.

41. Success is the kind of thing that everyone wants. It is just that the word success has a different meaning for every individual. For some people maybe a 4 GPA is a success, for some maybe finding a perfect life partner is a success, and for some, your failure can be the ultimate goal. You can never trust anyone, because you can never know what people have up their sleeves.

42. “I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.” — Robert E. Lee

Trust and Relations:

Relationships always demand trust. It is no secret that no relationship can be built on lies. But one has to understand that trust and honesty are two different things, one can exist without another. Following are some quotes and sayings about trust and how it affects relationships. I hope you like them.

43. “You believe lies so you can eventually learn to trust no one but yourself.” — Marilyn Monroe

44. They say a relationship without trust is not a relationship. And that is true, only if you are average at best.

45. Why is it always that relationships in which individuals trust each other the most end badly? Don’t get me wrong but these are the relationships that hurt you the most.

Trust no one be only one quotes and images

46. When you trust someone more than you should, it is more likely that he will take you for granted. And when that trust you have in him shatters, it is hard for you to trust anyone ever again.

47. You do not have to feel bad for breaking my trust. It was my wrong to trust you, not yours.

48. When someone breaks your trust, do not feel bad about yourself feel bad for him. He had the trust of a person who was loyal to him but lost it, so basically, it is a win-win situation for you.

49. Is anything in this world worth the pain and hurt of a shattered heart? Is your trust in him worth the permanent scars on your soul? not, but this is part of life, you will fall in love and get hurt and be afraid to trust someone again, just give yourself time to heal and move on and be happy once again.

50. When blinded in love, we make mistakes, mistakes we cannot erase. Never be blinded by love, because sometimes this blindness will certainly cause permanent damage.

51. Your trust is the most important thing that you can give to someone. Trusting someone is like handing them your threads, and threads can control every action.

52. When someone deceives you and breaks your trust, do not feel bad. Because you were able to know that the person you trusted is not worth your trust and don’t let yourself be fooled again.

53. When your boyfriend cheats on you, the best thing to do is forgive him and move on, but never forget what he did to you and never make the same mistake again.

54. When you love a person, trust automatically develops for that person. Give your 101 percent trust in him and ignore his imperfections, little suspicious things, and even the obvious red flags. And when that person finally reveals his true form, you are left with nothing but regret.

55. Sometimes we should not trust someone completely, we should never let others be our weakness, never.

56. How can you trust someone who hurt you a million times, trust cannot be bought by any riches in the world, it is something that needs to be earned.

57. It is not necessary that we trust the person we love. Trust and love are very different things. Sometimes a person can trust an enemy rather than a friend. It is all about the character of a person.

58. Love and hate can coexist but just not for the same person at the same time. The same is the case with trust and distrust.

59. You need to understand that when you reveal a secret to a person, it changes them. Sometimes we cannot even see that change because it is so small, but still, it is there. And you never want a person you love to change, not because of you, because love is to accept them the way they are. Isn’t it better to just keep your secrets to yourself?

60. When you trust someone and depend on them, you allow them to hurt you. Well, I am not saying that every person you will ever meet is going to hurt you, but most of them are

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