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Anniversary Wishes Messages

80 Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages – Invitation Wording Ideas

Anniversary Invitations Wording Ideas: Marriage is a unique bond that binds two individuals for the rest of their lives. That is why anniversaries are worthwhile to celebrate. People celebrate that wonderful and pleasant time in their lives when they pledged to spend the rest of their lives with their significant other by celebrating wedding anniversaries. If your marriage anniversary is approaching and you’re inviting invitation messages to send to your friends and family, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put up a fantastic collection of anniversary invitation wording and messages. We have every form of anniversary invitation wording available, whether you are the couple celebrating the anniversary or you are inviting on behalf of your parents. The following 25th wedding anniversary invitation wording ideas are great samples for those looking to renew their vows are have a large-scale gathering to celebrate the many relationships built over the years with others and rejoice this milestone among loved ones.

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages Invitation Wording Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

No love, no life, let’s celebrate the love of this husband and wife, and celebrate their anniversary in such a way, they’ll remember throughout their life

Love cant be seen nor touched, only can be felt, come feel the aura of love as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of (name) and (name)

Precious than gold, and never gets old, is a relation of marriage. We invite you to celebrate it as it’s the anniversary of (name) and (name).

wedding anniversary invitation messages

wedding anniversary invitation messages

A never-ending love is what we need, to banish all the evil and greed, so witness the anniversary of (name) and (name) and learn about love what we all need

We had 20 years of a fabulous and wonderful life together, please join us in our celebration on (date and time) at (venue). It’s a date!

One perfect love from two imperfect persons in one imperfect relationship. You are cordially invited to our 20th wedding anniversary on (date and time) at (venue). Share the celebration with us for this perfect moment of our lives.

Please join us as we celebrate the best days of our lives together. After 20 years of marriage, we are still thrilled for each other even if we grow older. Come and join us!

Casual Anniversary Invitation

For all the amazing years that we have shared and the happiest of moments of bonding, we want to celebrate our anniversary with you as one of our guests. More and more through the years as you take a part in our marriage life as family and friends!

We look back with no single regret but only with so much more love in our hearts than when we started. Be a part of our wedding anniversary and feel that love is truly everlasting in its unique ways.

It is not every day that we get to meet people who we can spend the rest of our lives with. On this very special occasion, we invite you to be a witness of our wedding anniversary, celebrating (number) years of being together, through thick or thin, ‘till death do us part.

casual anniversary invitation

casual anniversary invitation

We decided to celebrate the day we became one. So please come and celebrate our love.

Dear, Finally the day has come again. It’s our wedding anniversary. I hope you will join us on our special day and make this day more beautiful.

I am inviting you to be part of our wedding anniversary party. Come and enjoy yourself with us.

We are celebrating our wedding anniversary this Sunday. Please come and have fun with us.

We arranged a small party to celebrate my wedding ceremony. You are invited.

Formal Anniversary Invitation

Above all things in this world, love is what we live for, we invite you to celebrate the anniversary of (name) and (name) as they are a true example

We fall in love by choice and stay in love by will, come celebrate the 25th anniversary of (name & name) whose will turn them to husband and wife

Love makes us exchange sadness for joy, come be a part of the anniversary as we invite you as well to enjoy.

formal anniversary invitation

formal anniversary invitation

To celebrate our love, we decided to arrange an I go, I go, I go like Google, we will be happy if you come and be a part of our celebration.

I am cordially inviting you to my wedding anniversary. Your presence is appreciated.

I am inviting you to my wedding anniversary this weekend. Please be a part of our celebration.

I am requesting you to join me on my wedding anniversary. Thank you.

I would like to invite you to my wedding anniversary party this weekend. Please come with your full family and have a good time with us.

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, we have arranged a party. You are cordially invited with your whole family.

25th Anniversary Invitations

Celebrate the silver years of our marriage as we commemorate our 25th Wedding Anniversary on [day of week], [date] at [time] in the evening. [location and address].

Celebrating love as pure and lasting as silver. Please join us on our Silver Wedding Anniversary for a Brunch Sunday, the [day] of [month] two thousand [year] eleven o’clock in the morning. [name and location].

Come and behold true love as [names] have decided to renew the vows on their silver anniversary.

25th anniversary invitations

25th anniversary invitations

It’s my 25th wedding anniversary. Come and be a part of our celebration.

We are having a small party on the occasion of our 25th anniversary. Come and have dinner with us.

Our 25th anniversary won’t be fulfilled without your presence. So join us for a fun-filled evening.

We are celebrating 25 years of togetherness. Come and join us at our anniversary party and be part of our happiness.

25 winters have passed in the blink of our eyes. To celebrate our love, we have arranged a small party. I hope you will come and give us your warm wishes.

50th Anniversary Invitations

“It’s time to party! Find us at _____ where we’ll be enjoying delicious food and reminiscing about our time together.”

“We’d love for you to help us celebrate our golden wedding anniversary in style.”

“What’s better than being married to ______ and ______? Being married for 50 years! Join us as we celebrate this special moment.”

50th anniversary invitations

50th anniversary invitations

Feature the full address of the party location on your 50th wedding anniversary invitations — even if it’s at home and your guests know where you live. If the party venue is in a secluded spot or isn’t easy to find, be sure to add directions.

If you have guests traveling in from other areas, pull together extra information to include with your digital invitations. For example, Greenvelope has a Google Maps integration and an easy-to-use dashboard to share information on hotels, flights, and more.

Your 50th wedding anniversary doesn’t come around every day, so consider this the perfect opportunity to party in style. If you’re going for a luxurious celebration, let your guests know there’s a formal dress code. If you’re happy to keep it casual, make this clear on your invitations. Your guests won’t want to show up overdressed or underdressed, so this helps ease any concerns they might have.

In the celebration of our 50 years of marriage anniversary, we have arranged a party to spend time with our friends and family. Please be a part of our celebration.

This 50 years of the journey wasn’t easy at all, but you were always there as a well-wisher. You are most warmly invited. Thank you.

To celebrate 50 years of married life, A small party is arranged. Please join us.

I and my husband are arranging a party for our 50th wedding anniversary. Your presence is appreciated.

Anniversary Invitation from Others

You are cordially invited to my parent’s wedding anniversary. Please come and give them your best wishes.

Stand out from the crowd with this botanical-inspired invitation design. Mixing modern florals and greenery with a contemporary color palette, this is a wonderfully refreshing 50th-anniversary party invitation design. It’s ideal for an outdoor party or a fun anniversary dinner with friends and family.

Put all the focus on the two of you with this gorgeous gold frame invitation. Pick out your favorite photo as a couple — or feature a throwback from your wedding invitations — to take center stage. Customize with your details and then send out to loved ones, requesting their presence at your golden anniversary celebration.

anniversary invitation quotes and anniversary messages

anniversary invitation quotes and anniversary messages

My warm greetings to you. Please come and be a part of my parent’s wedding anniversary party.

This weekend we are arranging a small party for our parent’s wedding anniversary. I hope you will come and be a part of the celebration.

I would like to invite you to my parent’s anniversary this Sunday. You are warmly invited.

Finally, our parents’ wedding ceremony is near the corner and we are planning for a surprise anniversary party. Please join us and have a fun time with us.

The anniversary of our wedding is a great occasion, but spending it with our loved ones makes it much more precious. Consider sending these wedding anniversary invitation messages to your friends and family if you’re looking for invitation wordings for your or your parent’s wedding anniversary. Send these heartfelt anniversary invitation messages to your loved ones. It will give them a sense of worth.

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